Saturday, November 13, 2010

i didn't mean to get sick

sorry for being non-postie girl these past two days. i did have plans and another giveaway even but i got walloped with an ick bug that feels almost-but-not-quite fluish. it's a cold, i am certain but i have a very gifted immune system that believes it needs to be creative with illness so i have a mixed bag of symptoms. i didn't feel sickish until i was in fact sick but in retrospect, if you were to look back at the photos of the week, there really aren't too many and even less of the creative kind. there is a list and a fine one at that, it may be my most favorite, but really not much else. so i hope you all have a fine, fine weekend and that you see something that makes you smile big. hug a loved one, drink something delicious and weather related and i'll see you when i'm not coughing, hacking, wheezing, snurfling and/or crying. i'm squite whiney when i'm sick. whinier than usual.


  1. get well soon. maybe some vitamin b with zinc will hurry things along... and of course lots and lots of hot tea! flush it out of your system!

  2. Greeblygreebly12:33 PM

    Aww, feel better soon. Colds suck. Drink something hot and eat something spicy.