Tuesday, November 30, 2010

how my brain works

or at least attempts to...
so, i'm sitting here, reading various blogs, making lists of various things and doing my best to figure out how to push my shop update so things will sell. at this moment i feel like throwing in the towel. i make and make and then i have bags and bags full of handmade items that no one wants. guh.

so as i am working and listing and writing and thinking i am feeling less and less secure in anything that i may have previously felt secure in. i am looking at my lists of ideas for articles and wishing there was someway to get more published. i like making things. i like sharing how to make things. how can i turn this into something that will pay the rent?
my mind is hopping here and there and skipping just about everywhere as i ask the people in my family who wander by random questions. well, not random to me but it takes them completely off guard but that is just how i roll. like right now, i am sitting here staring, staring at a tiny glass votive holder and wondering what to make with it. not just what, but which as the ideas are tumbling forth like some great montage of flashback clips. my mind is wandering to terrariums but are terrariums overdone? this tiny votive is so simple and pretty, i NEED to do something with it. and to tell you the truth, this isn't the first time i've pulled it out and stared at it. i have stared at it so often i feel like i am in a staring contest and losing.
and as i wonder and ask my family members about tiny plants and moss and mushrooms i remember i need to look for my good glue so i dash out to the garage and grab it. then since i have it i think i should glue something onto something (number 12 on one of my many lists) so that i can have a crafty post up soon and so i do that but i get distracted by the fresh-from-the-oven pumpkin bread i just baked and stop for  a slice which of course needs coffee so i heat up a mug from the now cold press-pot. as i enjoy this sweet almost-lunchtime break i remember that i had plugged the camera in for today's pictures (of said votive so i could tell you all about it) and so i mosey on back to the table and sit down only to get distracted by the tube of glue and my mind wanders all over again.
it is amazing i get anything done.


  1. Please don't feel discouraged. I look at your blog, and writings and think, "That JEK has got it together." Since I lost my job in early June, all I've done is try to figure out if a creative career is possible. Do I write? Just on my blog. I submitted a few things here and there, and when there was no reply, I sulked away. You are a crafter I look up to. Always have been. You make things because you like to. I like to too. But you take it beyond just making them to keep yourself from drinking at 10am. You are so smart. Your writing is insightful. Your articles are witty and relevant. If people are not buying, I'd chalk it up to "people," not you. Seriously. I loved your blog since before I met you at the Felt Club a couple years ago, and when my booth was catty corner from yours, I did a little excited dance because I was in YOUR universe. Feel free not to publicly publish this comment if it's too gushy. But I stand by every word. You madam are magic. It's perfectly natural to have highs and lows. Especially when so much care goes into each item you create. Chin up. Things will turn around. How could they not? You are fantastic! xoxo

  2. Pretty Lady,

    YOU are amazing!

    love love,

  3. I want to see your stuff for sale, I need gifts, granted have little skills and time is a running out!

    is there a way to put a link to your etsy on the blog template thingy....and if it is there, I missed it.....maybe I am not the only one, can you put it up top on the right bar thing?

    sorry i am a computer dolt when it comes to seeing it!

  4. aw thank you friends! when the going gets tough i do tend to whine and i apologize. sigh. i've posted all sorts of shop links to blog posts about updates and i moved my shop widget up from the bottom on the side there so i hope that helps. heehee.. thank you again!

  5. Jek we used to be LJ friends like 4-5 years back and I just found you again! I used to think you were amazing and I STILL DO. *big hug*

  6. aw thank you andrea! what was your LJ name?

  7. hey, lady!

    believe it or not, i too could not find your shop button as recently as yesterday, and so had to scroll through posts to find a link in order to make my purchases...

    you need a BIG ASS SHOP BUTTON. it might even say that on itself: HERE I AM, THE BIG-ASS SHOP BUTTON!!!

    and by the by -- this was a super-awesome post -- not whiney -- just true and funny...


  8. yeah -- just checked -- i think your etsy shop link looks more like a flickr link, visually (not verbally)...

    can you use any jpeg for the button? because i could make you something....?


    do you happen to have a photo of that amazing red toy cash register of yours? i could work with that... just sayin'....

  9. I feel you. I've been feeling pretty scatterbrained and easily distracted lately too. (as I sit here reading and commenting on blog posts instead of the quadjillion things around my house I should be doing. Not to mention prepping for a local holiday craft show I'm organizing). It may sound weird, but I'm encouraged by this post. I think of you as something of a craft blogospere celebrity. And it's encouraging to me that even someone as cool as you doesn't have it all together and has struggles just like the rest of us.

    BTW: I find my stuff sells better in person at shows rather than online. It's probably not that no one wants your stuff...you just need to find the right people.