Tuesday, November 09, 2010

a belated week in review: nov 1-7

I know I have a giveaway to get to and I will but for now I'll get my week in review up which shows a pretty crafty/busy week with some apple pretty thrown in. Click here to read more about the week.

This week I think I will be running around like a chicken sans noggin taking care of things that aren't so pretty but I'll try to take pictures of something nice to look at. Yesterday we hung out with the nephew a-go-go and ran errands. Today we untangled the mess in the garage in search of some crafting supplies and some organization. The whole ordeal made me want to chuck it all and run away all over again but I found the crafty bits I was looking for (and spied a lot on Peg) so I guess that is something to cheer for. After the great garage reorganization we headed out for the nephew a-go-go's final flag football game. Goodness, but it was c-c-c-c-cold! Maybe not east coast cold but there was a bit of a breeze that made my nose drippy, drip like crazy. After that it was time for final game pizza, chocolate cake and one dollar cocktails. We're home now (cocktail free) and here I sit type typing away trying not to injure my sadly chapped split lip any more than I have already. I'm a sleepy tired gal today and not feeling this week but hopefully after a sit on the sofa in soft pajamas and a cup of tea while I watch Raising Hope with the family I'll feel rested enough to sleep and begin a new day tomorrow with a little less Gloomy Gus attitude. So my friends, I bid you goodnight & pleasant dreams and if yer lucky I will be pulling some names for the giveaway a-go-go.

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