Friday, October 15, 2010

yesterday: thursday, oct 14

yesterday was one of those crazy-busy-manic days where i trip-trapped all about going non-stop making, doing, baking, writing. just the day before while enjoying a bite with a new crafty acquaintance we were talking about how we work best when there are multitudes to do. where you are in a virtual dance, twirling and swirling this way and that all the while hashing out oodles of little projects. the light throughout the day was so pretty, i had to stop the busy every once in awhile to take pictures. it is finally cooling down. phew!i worked on articles, tip-tapping away. i sat on the floor and cut up sweater after pretty woolen sweater to prepare for a nifty blog project with a fellow blogger (details soon). i baked cupcakes and finished toppers and stitched up garlands and dabbled in a little paint even. it was wonderful and so nice to be busy without worry. not that the worry isn't there, it is but it at least played the part of wallflower as i danced my little heart out with my current crush of craft. today i am doing a small bit of the same. there are still many projects but one in particular needs my focus as there is a deadline and i was commissioned so i suppose that takes precedence. in the meantime i will write up a few post, photograph a few projects and cook a delightfully fragrant fall dinner for the family a-go-go. happy friday!


  1. yay! you had a flickr meet-up?
    and i LOVE that chicken tray!
    and i LOVELOVELOVE that you are feeling craf-tay!

  2. Those are mighty tasty looking cupcakes!!!