Monday, October 11, 2010

the week in review: oct 4-11

there were tarantulas, presents, balloons and chatter, chatter, chatter. we rode bikes, carved homegrown pumpkins and drove from L.A to SLO. it was hot, the birds were everywhere and it was a weekend of movie watching. we even returned to the apple farm in hopes of cooler weather. there are caramel apples, apple sauce and apple pie on the brain now. this week is supposed to be as hot as the last let's hope there is more news on the job front. if any of you know of any opportunities in SLO, give us a shout!

**and if you read the previous post with worry, i do apologize. i simply feel very alone and even my closest cannot help right now as they are a tiny part of the feeling. not your fault though. just my perception. i'm in hibernation and hiding out mode. you can call ollie ollie soon but for now, i'm under the covers.


  1. This is how it works
    You're young until you're not
    You love until you don't
    You try until you can't
    You laugh until you cry
    You cry until you laugh
    And everyone must breathe
    Until their dying breath
    No, this is how it works
    You peer inside yourself
    You take the things you like
    And try to love the things you took
    And then you take that love you made
    And stick it into some
    Someone else's heart
    Pumping someone else's blood
    And walking arm in arm
    You hope it don't get harmed
    But even if it does
    You'll just do it all again
    i love you.
    go teach.

  2. Uggh! You want to stay in San Luis Obispo!?! I guess I better reword my prayer, have to admit I'm a tad on the selfish side and was praying for you two to come back to L.A. (secretly hoping for a run in).

    I get the under cover, just remember when you're under there a bunch of us love ya like crazy! Be happy sweet Jek, you deserve it like no one else. I wish I had those magic words that would make it all better for you. Ya know at the end of the day don't you win just because you're Mrs A go-go? Off to pray.