Thursday, November 04, 2010

sweet {sweet} november: day 4

Today Tara has a beautiful fall art journal to share and a list of autumn words to inspire. Back in May I was so ecstatic to be sitting at Tara's large round table as we dug into her paper collection to create a lovely book for my road trip memories. That girl sure has a knack for layering. My book is stuffed with all my road trip trinkets as in STUFFED. I have yet to arrange or anchor anything down and must do so. And now, after seeing Tara's beautiful fall pages methinks I need to make a fall book as well. Which means I now have three books to make but that is another story. Tara has the controls for today's sweet november goodness, I'll just leave you with some pretty fall pics...look familiar?

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  1. thank-you again for sending those to me!! I loved the photo of your feet. :) It makes me smile!