Sunday, October 24, 2010

raining not pouring

it's been raining all day today but in a lackluster kind of way. no flashing or crashing just drip, drip, drip. i quite like the flash and crash so was disappointed but the overall gray did allow for some happy tunes on the ipod while the sister a-go-go popped a berry apple crumble into the oven.the mister spent the day in the garage working on a new version of his cookie-tin dulcimer while i popped in a couple of times to add a coat of paint to a paper skeleton for a scrumdilly-do project. it was wet enough to for me to have to take cover but dry enough for the birdies that decided it was party time in the garden. we ended up puttering about, working on projects and watching movies. not bad for an end to the week.yesterday we headed out to hit up a few open studios for the open studio art tour. there were a lot of people on the map but we chose only two studios to visit. i'll write more about those later but they were pretty neat and i am glad we decided to visit. after the second studio we hit up gopher glen for our third apple haul of the season. we a-go-gos do love our apples. this time around we picked up some jonalicious, braeburn, winesap and chesapeake. good eats! not much of an update or blog post but it is what it is. tomorrow we may try to head out on a hike and then hang out with the nephew a-go-go. i may put him to work on this scrumdilly-do project. happpy almost november folks! stay tuned for some crafty fall fun next week!

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  1. um, so that crumble looks amazing. i could seriously plant my face right into it. it looks like fall in a bowl.

    and that instrument! awesome!