Thursday, October 21, 2010

i've got nothin' for ya today (other than a mini whine and a few pics)

spent WAY TOO MUCH time in my noggin which means the bad bad brain is lurking about. i'm feeling down and defeated and a bit bored with my bad brain. ugh. do you ever do that? spend too much time in your head. comparing and wondering and wishing and feeling not up to par? it seems that the only way i felt to combat it was to get crafty so i cut out fabric for yoyos. why would i want to make soooo many yoyos? what was i thinking? i also did a little recipe fun for scrumdilly-do but am missing an integral part of the project before i can continue. i need a long nap. the mister isn't fairing any better today. he has been working, working, working on a way to make the bandolier a-go-go sellable and things keep getting twisty so he's stressed as well. thank goodness for the sister a-go-go who has been working all day on a yumerriffic dinner...the rest of the family has arrived so it is time to eat! here's to hoping tomorrow is better!


  1. Greeblygreebly6:36 PM

    Yo-yos are a fantastic pick-me-up. We had a family emergancy last Christmas and took a very last flight across country on Christmas eve. I borrowed some scrap fabric from my sister-in-law and started a yo-yo garland. Gave me something to keep my hands busy while we were hanging out at the hospice sitting with my father-in-law.

    When I need something mindless to keep my hands busy I drag it out and add to it. There's something so cheering about those happy little circles of fabric. And something meditative about sewing them.

  2. Anonymous10:27 PM

    The minute the bandolier is sellable, please sign me up as your first customer! Seriously, that thing is genius and I would love to buy one.

    Here's to a better tomorrow! Today I was kind of in Cranky McGrumpypants mode and I'd like to be over it by morning :)

  3. Yes, wish my head could take a vacation.