Saturday, October 23, 2010

buzzity buzz

yesterday a bee kept flying into the family casa. completely uninvited, she would saunter in and buzz, buzz, buzz about. zipping this way and that, doing her best to retrieve pollen from the curry colored tablecloth or the sleeve of my shirt. she would hunker down on top of the shiny black-top of the kitchen island and scootch her way under the built-in hot plate. skootch, skootch, skootch...i started calling her edna in reference to our confusion over a character from auntie mame. are you familiar? auntie mame hires a secretary to take dictation as she writes her memoirs and the secretary is the epitome of awkward and sad. she is brilliantly played by Peggy Cass and when she first bellows out her name "agnes gooch" i thought she said edna skootch and i loved it so much i wrote it down. i'm still sad her name was agnes and not edna...someday we'll get a duck and name her edna but until then....back to the bee.she flew in and made herself at home but she was quite the noisy one. i tried shoo, shoo, shooing her out but that just seemed to peeve her a bit and she huffed off to hide out between the slats of the window shade. mr. a-go-go and i managed to work as a pair to remove her without injury and off she buzzed into the candyland that is the sister a-go-go's garden. i suppose she really liked it inside the casa because she reappeared whispering sweet nothings in my ear. this time we got out the cricket catcher and shooed her out in no time. if you are wondering what on earth a cricket catcher is it is a tupperware bowl and a piece of thin know...really was then that we decided to keep the screen door closed (i suppose she thought we had an open door policy) and still she tried to get in. the weather was pretty dandy yesterday, it was. the original forcast was for rain but it was lovelier than lovely and all the wee birdies were out in full force. there was even an ongoing turf war between two hummingbirds. it lasted all day. have you ever watched hummingbirds fight? i think they are the original jedi tie-fighters. they zig and zag and hide in plain sight. very amusing but maybe that's just my opinion.after we all puttered about we headed out to run errands (including a visit to the nursery) and then we were off to the pumpkin patch like we did last year. chesebrough farms grows all kinds of pumpkins. this year they had all sorts of blue and green pumpkins, it was extra spiffy. and if you read my last post you will know i am waaaaaaay behind on uploads so this year's pics may take a few days before they are up. maybe more than a few. on second thought, i don't think i wrote about being behind on uploads here. i can't keep anything straight.after pumpkins we drove down a dusty dirt road just to see what we could see and all we saw were cows so we decided to go to target where i saw a wonderfully purple cardigan that i did not buy because we are brokity-broke. it really was a nice day even though there may have been a wee little snark out here or there, ahem. one might think how sad it is that the highlight of the day was a pumpkin patch but they would be wrong...the highlight was the bee who buzzed in for tea.

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  1. Love that you saved the bee, love the flowers in the garden and love you pictures.