Sunday, October 31, 2010

pumpkins were carved

The sister a-go-go grew some mighty nifty pumpkins this year. I think we had about a dozen in various shades of orange, pink & white. the nephew a-go-go carved a few for my Craft article and then one for school and since we still had more than a few left over we decided to festive up the place for any possible trick or treaters (which equaled two knocks on the door...more kit-kats for us!)The pumpkins had super thick skins and didn't stink like some squash are wont to do. Mine even had sprouts sproutin' away on the inside.Hope yer Halloween was happy! We chow downed on homemade black pepper & cheddar puffs and watched a sort-of spooky movie. What did you do?

Saturday, October 30, 2010

it's late

but i'm still up, going through photos and making plans for too many things. i was doing job research for preschools and have found that while living in this nifty smallish town has many advantages one of the disadvantages is the pay rate of jobs i'm looking at up here versus down in l.a.. sigh. up here the pay is not something i could live off of and down in la. it's a difference of about sixty percent...yowza! i wish we didn't need jobs, ya know? on the flip side, we woke up to rain, had breakfast for lunch, played with masking tape and managed to make an army of zombies. aren't you jealous?

Friday, October 29, 2010

busy as can be

i have to admit that after seeing David Sedaris last night i would really like to write about my day in a creative way with loads of descriptive words and the like but sadly i have no brain power left as i am certain my head is full of wool bits from all the cutting and stitching i have done these past few has been busy here in the makeshift casa a-go-go. i have been cutting and stitching and cooking and taking photography breaks in between. old dolls were uncovered, wooden spools were coveted and tutorials and articles were written.
the whole makeshift casa here has been full of busy. the mama a-go-go is cataloging vintage family photographs, the sister has been out in the garden and mr. a-go-go has been working on instruments and ever-so-carefully hand crafting a most dreamy sock monkey of the va-va-va-voom variety.even the nephew a-go-go and crew have been busy carving pumpkins and modeling costumes. last night, the nephew a-go-go took in first prize at the costume contest downtown. i can't wait to upload the video "interview" i did with him. it's awesome. that's all for now...don't fergit to stay tuned for next week's fall party with tara. i hope you do, i have been so very busy getting it all pretty for you! have a great weekend and happy halloween!

Thursday, October 28, 2010

stay tuned!

next week i'm pairing up with Tara of the the pink couch for some festive fall fun so stay tuned and come back for recipes, tutorials and giveaways! sweet, sweet november...fall into something pretty!

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

lurve birds

my gal natalie commissioned me to make some love birds for a wedding cake topper...i was familiar with ann woods' amazing birdies and surely did not want to copy hers so i thought and thought and thought some more then i did research to make sure i wasn't copying anyone else and i came up with this...

Monday, October 25, 2010

the week in review: oct 18-24

we looked at pumpkins, sampled apples, listened to rain and watched the nephew a-go-go score a touchdown. i made birdies and yoyos, received a felt order and sent out packages. we ate baked goods at home and yummy sandwiches from lincoln market. overall a pretty average week in the life of the a-go-gos. gotta go, we're gonna try to get in a mini hike today, happy last week of october!

Sunday, October 24, 2010

raining not pouring

it's been raining all day today but in a lackluster kind of way. no flashing or crashing just drip, drip, drip. i quite like the flash and crash so was disappointed but the overall gray did allow for some happy tunes on the ipod while the sister a-go-go popped a berry apple crumble into the oven.the mister spent the day in the garage working on a new version of his cookie-tin dulcimer while i popped in a couple of times to add a coat of paint to a paper skeleton for a scrumdilly-do project. it was wet enough to for me to have to take cover but dry enough for the birdies that decided it was party time in the garden. we ended up puttering about, working on projects and watching movies. not bad for an end to the week.yesterday we headed out to hit up a few open studios for the open studio art tour. there were a lot of people on the map but we chose only two studios to visit. i'll write more about those later but they were pretty neat and i am glad we decided to visit. after the second studio we hit up gopher glen for our third apple haul of the season. we a-go-gos do love our apples. this time around we picked up some jonalicious, braeburn, winesap and chesapeake. good eats! not much of an update or blog post but it is what it is. tomorrow we may try to head out on a hike and then hang out with the nephew a-go-go. i may put him to work on this scrumdilly-do project. happpy almost november folks! stay tuned for some crafty fall fun next week!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

buzzity buzz

yesterday a bee kept flying into the family casa. completely uninvited, she would saunter in and buzz, buzz, buzz about. zipping this way and that, doing her best to retrieve pollen from the curry colored tablecloth or the sleeve of my shirt. she would hunker down on top of the shiny black-top of the kitchen island and scootch her way under the built-in hot plate. skootch, skootch, skootch...i started calling her edna in reference to our confusion over a character from auntie mame. are you familiar? auntie mame hires a secretary to take dictation as she writes her memoirs and the secretary is the epitome of awkward and sad. she is brilliantly played by Peggy Cass and when she first bellows out her name "agnes gooch" i thought she said edna skootch and i loved it so much i wrote it down. i'm still sad her name was agnes and not edna...someday we'll get a duck and name her edna but until then....back to the bee.she flew in and made herself at home but she was quite the noisy one. i tried shoo, shoo, shooing her out but that just seemed to peeve her a bit and she huffed off to hide out between the slats of the window shade. mr. a-go-go and i managed to work as a pair to remove her without injury and off she buzzed into the candyland that is the sister a-go-go's garden. i suppose she really liked it inside the casa because she reappeared whispering sweet nothings in my ear. this time we got out the cricket catcher and shooed her out in no time. if you are wondering what on earth a cricket catcher is it is a tupperware bowl and a piece of thin know...really was then that we decided to keep the screen door closed (i suppose she thought we had an open door policy) and still she tried to get in. the weather was pretty dandy yesterday, it was. the original forcast was for rain but it was lovelier than lovely and all the wee birdies were out in full force. there was even an ongoing turf war between two hummingbirds. it lasted all day. have you ever watched hummingbirds fight? i think they are the original jedi tie-fighters. they zig and zag and hide in plain sight. very amusing but maybe that's just my opinion.after we all puttered about we headed out to run errands (including a visit to the nursery) and then we were off to the pumpkin patch like we did last year. chesebrough farms grows all kinds of pumpkins. this year they had all sorts of blue and green pumpkins, it was extra spiffy. and if you read my last post you will know i am waaaaaaay behind on uploads so this year's pics may take a few days before they are up. maybe more than a few. on second thought, i don't think i wrote about being behind on uploads here. i can't keep anything straight.after pumpkins we drove down a dusty dirt road just to see what we could see and all we saw were cows so we decided to go to target where i saw a wonderfully purple cardigan that i did not buy because we are brokity-broke. it really was a nice day even though there may have been a wee little snark out here or there, ahem. one might think how sad it is that the highlight of the day was a pumpkin patch but they would be wrong...the highlight was the bee who buzzed in for tea.

Thursday, October 21, 2010

i've got nothin' for ya today (other than a mini whine and a few pics)

spent WAY TOO MUCH time in my noggin which means the bad bad brain is lurking about. i'm feeling down and defeated and a bit bored with my bad brain. ugh. do you ever do that? spend too much time in your head. comparing and wondering and wishing and feeling not up to par? it seems that the only way i felt to combat it was to get crafty so i cut out fabric for yoyos. why would i want to make soooo many yoyos? what was i thinking? i also did a little recipe fun for scrumdilly-do but am missing an integral part of the project before i can continue. i need a long nap. the mister isn't fairing any better today. he has been working, working, working on a way to make the bandolier a-go-go sellable and things keep getting twisty so he's stressed as well. thank goodness for the sister a-go-go who has been working all day on a yumerriffic dinner...the rest of the family has arrived so it is time to eat! here's to hoping tomorrow is better!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

latey late late

i know, but i have a handful of halloween goodness in my pseudo-shop. anyone care for some spooktacular decor?

**okay, i suppose yo ucould make your own as well. float over to the 'do to see how.

Monday, October 18, 2010

the week in review: oct 11-17

it was a very busy week but not responsibly busy. i didn't work on resumes or look for work though the mister did. instead, i made lists and things. i painted and stitched and baked and glued and took a whole lotta photos. we did an easy trek along a bluff overlooking the pacific, enjoyed a lot of good homecookin', had a family night that involved yahtzee. watched a couple of flicks and enjoyed a stormy day. a pretty good week. yep, a pretty good week.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

blanket magazine: the landscape issue

the newest issue of blanket is out and this one is packed, packed, packed with all sorts of pretty to look at and do. the theme is landscape and mr. a-go-go & i created a nifty postcard diorama to feature all those road trip cards you collected. there is also a nifty DIY on a landscape mobile from Bliss in a Teacup so don't fergit to dash over for a visit and subscribe to this awesome online magazine. oh and did you know that with each issue you get a nifty font? you do, so what are ya waiting for? dash...dash!

Friday, October 15, 2010

kooky crafty

the weather has gotten a little cooler round these parts and you know what that means...baking! so i whipped up a batch of gingerbread cupcakes and then whipped up a fun little cupcake topper tutorial. hop on over to the 'do to see how!

yesterday: thursday, oct 14

yesterday was one of those crazy-busy-manic days where i trip-trapped all about going non-stop making, doing, baking, writing. just the day before while enjoying a bite with a new crafty acquaintance we were talking about how we work best when there are multitudes to do. where you are in a virtual dance, twirling and swirling this way and that all the while hashing out oodles of little projects. the light throughout the day was so pretty, i had to stop the busy every once in awhile to take pictures. it is finally cooling down. phew!i worked on articles, tip-tapping away. i sat on the floor and cut up sweater after pretty woolen sweater to prepare for a nifty blog project with a fellow blogger (details soon). i baked cupcakes and finished toppers and stitched up garlands and dabbled in a little paint even. it was wonderful and so nice to be busy without worry. not that the worry isn't there, it is but it at least played the part of wallflower as i danced my little heart out with my current crush of craft. today i am doing a small bit of the same. there are still many projects but one in particular needs my focus as there is a deadline and i was commissioned so i suppose that takes precedence. in the meantime i will write up a few post, photograph a few projects and cook a delightfully fragrant fall dinner for the family a-go-go. happy friday!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010


it was supposed to be kooky hot but it wasn't, which made for a busy day. a good kind of busy. the mister spent time on errands while i puttered about working on DIY blog posts on the 'do and got to crafting it up just a smidge. the witch-baby enjoyed the sun, i made pesto from the garden basil and we enjoyed an impromptu cocktail hour where it was decided that pink ladies taste like cough syrup and a horse's neck can be tasty if you use a really good ginger ale.