Sunday, September 26, 2010

summer is finally here

yesterday the heat chased us into the car and up the coast for a beach day only to find it was HOTTER there than back down the road. crazy! we lunched at a tiny place that was slightly disappointing. i became the whiny woman who complained about her salad.. crikey! i AM old but really, it was listed as a seven dollar salad and what i got was a tiny plate with three forkfuls of lettuce, some grated beet and a very sad tomato (don;t even get me started on the tomato). we asked the gal refilling our water if perhaps our server thought i ordered a smaller side salad and she said there was only one size. moments later, our server appeared with another tiny salad and apologized for the hullabaloo. and before you think i am a crazy salad lady, mr. a-go-go and i were splitting a sandwich, fries and salad. it was hot and greens were a good idea. sniff.after the salad fiasco, we (sis & mama a-go-go included) wandered into an herb shop while mister camped out on a bench out front. they had fantastic garden out back and the prettiest hollyhock colors i have ever seen. they also had a pretty good collection of essential oils and i was tempted to pick up some black pepper oil to make a black pepper soap but i decided that black pepper was really my thing and not anyone elses (have you tried the black pepper jelly bellies? sooooo good). after a quick wander to another shop we decided it was far too hot for anything we drove back down along the coast. once home after a bout of crankiness i decided a nap was a good thing. mister woke me up with a "homemade" cherry limeade and the rest of the day was spent drinking cool fizzy drinks, reading, yo yo making (me), sock monkey stitching (mister) and chatting out in the garden once it got a tiny bit cooler. after an outdoor dinner of sandwiches we wandered back in to watch The Human Face a nice slow end to a very slow day. it was icky hot all night, ya gotta love california. which i do, but i wish it would cool down, just a tad. my brain is in fall mode.

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  1. Love the mosaic table, makes me feel like breaking some dishes.