Wednesday, September 29, 2010

it's been pretty hot lately

so hot, ya gotta wake up as early as possible to catch some cool air. you might end up napping around 10am though. eegads but we need jobs. let's hope yer ploy helps us Domenico. the temps got so hot that the laundry practically dried before mr. a-go-go could finish hanging it.but even in the heat, dusk is pretty cool. it is perfect for watching the birdies, going for a spin on the bikes and searching for the batty, bat, bats as they swoop in front of our faces.


  1. I was doing a little thinking in Health today and have you ever considered opening an Etsy shop? People go nuts over knitted things and your photos are too cute not to sell. You could make postcards or prints, maybe even a journal with those amazing photos... just brainstorming, because you and the Mr. are pretty crafty.

  2. Loved the mixtape the mag, found your blog = happy:)