Sunday, August 22, 2010

two weeks is not enough

mr. a-go-go and i are house/puppy sitting near our old digs. we're hoping to cram in visits with all our favorite people and eateries but i tell ya, two weeks is not enough. or maybe i am just old. i can't hack the energy you need for visiting EVERY day. my body is feeling tired. i don't know if it is finally relaxing after the trip or if i am just an old fuddy duddy who needs lots of naps or maybe it's all hormonal. lately i tend to blame everything on menopause. yes, i know and yes, for reals.

we've hit up three favorite places for lunch and i sure hope we get some pho and/or banh mi soon. i am totally missing them absolutely fabulous flavors. and of course we need to hit Fosselman's because no one else does ice cream like they do. i guess i'm kinda-maybe-sorta gonna replace those wee pounds i misplaced while on the road. all in the name of good eats. if there is one thing i learned on the road it is that crazy big and crowded los angeles really does have some of the best (if not diverse) food around.

today we get to cross off indian food on our list. i am sure there is indian food up in the central valley but not like they do it here. though, while i am totally happy to be back in my old city, i do miss the flat landscape of slo where i can ride my bike easily everyday. i'm probably going to need it to after this two week eat out. happy sunday folks .


  1. Happy Sunday! Let me know if you come to Culver City while in town! I'll make you coffee and cookies!

  2. I don't know this meopause of which you speak (I'll google it later), but I blame the weather for I, too, have been taking quite a few out of the norm naps.

  3. Rah-Rah-Rah!!!
    I just stepped outdoors and it finally feels like home. That is sure to end sometime soon.
    Have a great time.

  4. This might just be one of those things that I should just pretend to forget about, but seriously, menopause! I really feel for you ladies.