Tuesday, August 24, 2010

tossing & turning

i didn't sleep well last night which is odd because sleeping is one of my better talents. it was hot. really hot and when i finally felt cool enough to slumber away, a song crept into my head and planted its roots. deeply. in an effort to banish the song in my head i played the "if i had magic money" game but the song just played louder and not even in its entirety. just the same line over and over and over and over. enough so i wished i drank, maybe then i could fall asleep. since the dream of riches wasn't working, i tried designing new clothes in my head. but all that did was make me feel foolish because the body in my head was quite unlike the body that i have, ahem. so i lay there in the dark listening to the sleepy sighs of mr. a-go-go and the cars rushing by from the almost-nearby busy street. i listened to the laughter and cackle of the kids in the neighborhood running around and the thoughts in my head that tangoed with the tune. my eyes would grow heavy and i would twitch with a start waking up to the old lady howls of the almost deaf cat we're pet sitting as well. once the cat meows, the puppy awakes and the whimper and howl that shoots up from the kitchen is enough to make the neighbors think we are unkind to the animals. so as not to wake mr. a-g-go, i creep down the stairs with the old lady cat at my heels voicing her displeasure at her geriatric stage and half empty water glass. with a scratch behind her ears and a top off of her drink, i step into the kitchen and poke a finger through the puppies crate. his tail wags with the madness of a wind-up toy while his ears and eyes are all sleepy-droopy. he nudges and licks the offered finger then circles around once then twice and settles back to slumber. as i stumble my way back up the stairs my brain chooses that moment to recall the spooky conversation stacey and i had the day before (darn you stacey!) and my imagination forces my eyes closed as i dash back to bed in a now spookified casa.


  1. good morning jessica! hopefully you are sleeping and catching up on some of those lost hours of sleep. i love waking up to find a new little somethin' written on your blog. makes my day! thank you.

  2. bwah-hahahahaha!
    ring-ring -- are you in the house alone????????????

  3. I'll lend you some of my textbooks. I can guarrantee you'll be asleep before you finish a page. Wait! Lend? You can have them.