Friday, August 06, 2010

because i need to look at pretty.

i'm feeling a bit sad today.


  1. WHY, my sweetie???
    There are m&ms!
    And polka-dot towels!
    And we love you sooooooooooo!
    (call if you need to -- i'm walking in pre-trip circles around the house, from dryer to sofa, to bathroom, to bedroom...)

  2. Is your trip ending? Please don't be sad. My mum did a Humpty Dumpty over the neighbors fence ( she wasn't hurt) today. She was walking and talking, Calvin yelled at her to look at him trying an ollie and when she turned back around she didn't realize she was so close to the fence and WHOOSH! right over she went. We were all frozen as my mum is not usually airborne, and believe me when I say she caught major air. Before we could get to her, and keep in mind we can't see her, we hear this belly busting laugh from beyond the fence. She stands up and in her crazy curly hair are weeds, leaves and a couple of twigs. Now you don't know this but she is precious and so sweet, so when she looks at us all disheveled and squeaks, "I'm alright." We lost it. I hope this makes you smile.

  3. So sorry you are down. But b=now that you are home, it is a new adventure - settling into a new home, exploring the neighborhood. Grad some serious snuggles from the mister & eat one of those beautiful macaroons. Hugs from Deutschland.

  4. wow that went so darn fast! welcome home.. you were missed!