Tuesday, July 27, 2010

winging it on the road

we spent most of yesterday driving all over south dakota and wyoming...
we did manage to see the sunrise over the badlands.
with a rainbow even...can you see it?
jump with some presidents.
nap in the rain amongst trees that smelled of caramel.
and pitch our tent within view of a famous landmark.


  1. Jek: I just wonder - for you - how is it seeing these national monuments up close? Back home, I get emotional seeing L.A.X. And the first (and only)time I visited the Statue of Liberty, I cried. It was nuts!

  2. hmmm..i don't know, i feel like i'm doing a grand viewmaster tour. i think it is nifty and cool but all the people everywhere dropping trash left & right just makes me sad.

    it's the old motel signs and landscapes that get me. so much pretty out here. gosh this land is great!