Friday, June 18, 2010

road trip pics

i of course have taken many. oodles and bunches. if yer up for a slideshow, click on whichever link strikes yer fancy. if i had time i would recommend an awesome tune for you too but as it stands i'm in a bookstore in jersey with 25 minutes left to the battery here...enjoy the few i have posted or click here to get to the whole collection.

the grand canyon
the weekend with tara anderson
tucson, az
gilla cliff dwellings
el cosmico
marfa, texas
austin, texas
dallas & frisco
pop's soda shop


  1. Jek: I love us in that shot.
    Me, I look like I am expecting something. No, not a wee one…just a sandwich! (LOL)

    I am looking at you like, "I hope they come back and visit us soon!" It was great having you here.

  2. me too! you are a professional jumper! there are many great pics from then...i hope they didn't get lost in the hard drive kerfuffle.