Saturday, May 15, 2010

flickr world and real world collide (again)

only this was a planned collision. as you may or may not know, mr. a-go-go & i are on the road for the next few months. we're wandering about north america in our trusty old rav, rodney. so far we have camped in joshua tree, crash landed in the town of williams, arizona (when we discovered temps would be too cold for camping), walked for miles along the southern rim of the grand canyon, drove through fat raindrops to the red red rocks of sedona where we camped at a place we called stinkbutt. we hiked a mini trail at midgely bridge, jumped up and down at slide rock (also in sedona), crafted ourselves silly in a starbucks with no wifi (drats), and ate pancakes with cranberries cooked in a tiny skillet over a tiny camp stove.after driving for hours and hours we finally dragged our tired and slightly stinkified bodies up the walk to my first flickr meet up of the trip. and secretly i have to say i was quite nervous but i shouldn't have been. with a ring of the doorbell we were soon greeted and hugged by one of my flickr/blogger idols, tara anderson. tara is sweeter than sweet and kicky as kicky can be. she is an amazing cook, a crafty goddess and the most gracious hostess i have ever encountered.
after chat chat chatting away and making friends with her wee ones, mister & i were shown to our room for the weekend. and now i share in a sing-song sing-song that we got to see her awfully unorganized craft room (wink wink). pinch my arm and call me glenda she even prepared for us a welcome basket full of all sorts of goodies. future meet up friends, you have some crafty shoes to fill!

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  1. Hey hey! I was worried you would no longer post now that you and the Mister are ramblin'! Excited to see your encounters and craftyness-on-the-go!