Monday, April 05, 2010

the week in review: mar 29- apr 4

i have to admit that while i do love spring, i am not so much a fan of the pollens that invade my sad lungs. it was a good week if you took out all the wheezing and inhaler sucking. there was a concert, pie, new hair, visits with friends and a visit with family. the witch-baby is now hiding out under the bed of a sister-a-go-go and the tiny casa is being overrun by boxes upon boxes. here's to a productive week and may this one be even more so.


  1. love the patchwork(?) quilt on the april bed! all those bright colors are right up my alley. is there a close up picture to see the detail? did you make it? it's purdy!

  2. isn't it pretty? didn't make it, thrift find. it's all polyester! :)