Saturday, April 17, 2010

today...april 17

we were approached by a not-so-well person while enjoying the lovely spring weather and a rootbeer float at Foster's Freeze. he stood over us slightly touching and speaking rapidly and purposefully in spanish. i couldn't catch everything he was saying but it was something about how he did not want to play with me. not sure where it was going i told him i didn't understand, no se. he then told mister a-go-go that he could kill english. it was then that we got up and went to the car. the ladies at the counter were yelling at him to leave, everyone else enjoying their cones just watched with smirks and wide eyes. this is something i will not miss about this big city of ours. such a shame as the day then took on a sour mood. we shook it off but still...sigh.

at least that float up there looks enticing. it was good too, only slightly bittersweet...


  1. wow!how unfortunate! creepers!!!!right place wrong time,i might explore the drive through option next time....

  2. oh dear, not nice! What an awful experience :(