Friday, April 16, 2010

sooo much to do yet sooo easily distracted

i think i'm in denial about this whole move/trip thing. it doesn't help that i still can't quite breathe well. the cough is much better but still there and my ear is clogged so there is a lot of noise in the noggin. when i feel better i get up and sweep, pack, or sort and then i feel slumpy all over again. i hope this ends soon. we leave in two weeks and well, i wanna be healthy. there are boxes everywhere and things piled atop all flat surfaces. i look at it and list the things i have to do and then i cough so much i want to pass out. the mister is a trooper and is doing everything. he's even soothing my guilt over the sick and the ick and the lack of progress. he's my guy and i lurve him to, so far, after super-freaky-crazy dreams and not really much sleep i have gone through photo boxes and thrown out a load of trash and recycling. i also started packing up my picture books. i'm taking itty bitty steps and drinking lots of fluids and maybe later, i'll eat a cupcake. itty bitty steps.


  1. Laura Wolfe3:39 PM

    Hi Jessica. Speaking of dreams... I had a dream w/you & your husband in it last week. I think we were in your house and Spongebob Squarepants was playing on the TV. Your husband wanted to turn it off (he couldn't stand to listen to it), but we were all having trouble getting to the TV set because there were boxes and stacks everywhere getting in our way. That's about all I remember, but thought I'd share. Hope you're feeling better soon :)

  2. darn it! i wish you felt better!!! but i have faith... you will.'ll get the bug to pack. a little pressure on your back (like a few days before you leave)and you'll be the "mad packer", and thats a promise!

  3. Hang in, sweet jek! Gals like us are easily distracted at the best of times, so don't worry. It's all perfectly normal...Just sit for a while and read some of those lovely picture books of yours. And eat cupcakes. You've got to get your strength back, after all!