Tuesday, April 06, 2010

me me me me

oh if only i were an opera singer. nope folks, the above title is because this post is all about me. it is after all, my blog but the funny thing is there are nifty bloggers out there in blogland that thought i was nifty so they wrote about me. for reals? i'm so gosh-durned flattered and goofy with lurve. so pull up a cuppa or a pumpkin bar or an egg puff and follow along and indulge me in my me-me-me-me-ness.

amy of sweet sweet life has a home tour of the tiny casa. i had always wanted to do a home tour but took the tiny casa for granted. now that we're actually LEAVING the tiny casa, i thought this was as good a time as any so pop on over to sweet sweet life for a looksie at the tiny casa.

next up is elaine of glow in the dark soul aka a life in cupcakes. she's a pretty nifty artist and all around colorful gal as well. she has a wee interview with me all about what inspires me, who i am and where i come from. if you've ever wondered and missed it all when i babbled on about it here, please do check it out, othersies ingnore my interview but check out her blog and nifty tutorial on a diy camera strap for the mini instax.

next up, i'm just gonna do a little self-promotion but not really for me, more for the magazine i write for. have you heard of blanket? it's pretty awesome. blanket is an online publication that you download in pdf form. each issue is only $2 and full t othe brim with art and design. and if you like, you too can become a contributor through re_action. oh and lest i forget, mr. a-go-go also contributes, he draws comics, have i told you about that beofre? you can check out his pic-shaws blog to see more. that man is uber talented!

and finally, stay tuned, you'll be seeing more of me at craftzine.com, mixtape and finally another wee interview at part of dommie's take five series on exquisite and unique.


  1. That's 'cause you're awesome!! Remember back in the Nervousness days? One was so lucky to be paired up with lobstergirl!! :)

  2. aww...you say the sweetest things. i miss nervousness. it really helped me be the me i wanted to be!

  3. everyone needs a "me" day!(or week)!have fun with it because you are such a delight...just the way you get your inspiration from andrea at hula seventy, i get my inspiration from you! thank you jek!