Friday, April 23, 2010

garage sale a-go-go

everyone keeps telling me they wish they could come to the garage sale. i'm not sure why though. do you really think i would sell such niftiness? sure, there will be some vintage, some new books, some old, happy clothes, fun dishes and a leetle bit o' kitsch but did you really think i could part with treasures such as these? (and yes, there is a lot of dust kicking around the tiny casa)if yer localish, do stop by. we a-go-gos like the company and would love a hug, a coffee or a coke or a slurpee or a banh mi...


  1. i'm one of those that wishes I lived so where close to you this Saturday!! how fun!! i can just imagine the treasures you've collected over the years. :) mucho luck with the garage sale tomorrow!!

  2. Yes, me too! Wish I could be there! Hope it's not too hard to part with your lovely things. Sometimes yer silly heart can be attached to things you didn't even realize it was attached to.
    Have a fun sale day!!