Tuesday, April 27, 2010

did i mention i've been forgetful?

eeps! i totally forgot about the giveaway so without further ado i would like to congratulate Always Joy for her bunting win! whoo-hoo! um, if you were wondering how the winner was selected, i just (as in a moment ago) asked mr. a-go-go to pick a number between 1 and 11 and he chose 2 so there ya go, we're sooo professional around these parts.

**Always Joy, i need yer address!

we've been pack, pack, packing our little hearts out and yet it feels as if the tiny casa were just as full as always. i have stacks of magazines i wish i could find a home for and more knick-knacks and tchotchkies than you could pogo a stick with. we leave saturday morning for a week up with family and then it is official lift off...yikes!

Monday, April 26, 2010

the week in review: april 19-25

cleaning, packing, garage sailing, job leaving...what a week!

this is the last week in the tiny casa...everything is in chaos and i'm beginning to feel butterflies with all this change...oof! today i run away from all the chaos to visit with stacey and drink coffee and eat pie and talk our silly hearts out. the rest of the week we will take care of errands, figure out where we're gonna bank, hit up chinatown for a bamboo cane, have snacks at the original pantry and squeeze in as many visits with friends as possible. if yer one of 'em. come by! visit! please! our schedule is all kinds of full but we'll be here at the casa pack, pack, packing away!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

garage sale fun

it was fun! i even got to meet new flickr peeps. good stuff went to good people and the icky people walked away mad because i wouldn't haggle with 'em. just call me difficult.we made almost $400 and donated all the rest including some great vintage toys and such to Goodwill. it feels good to set them free and a little sad that i won't be bumping into them when i dig through boxes but really, when they have spent so much time in said boxes, what's the point...right?ms. janeray came and took away our sofa. i'm gonna miss that sofa. it is a very comfy bit of sqooshiness. now we have a very messy empty living room full of dust bunnies, broken down boxes and two camp chairs to nestle in.stacey, za and ander showed up with fixins' for a lemonade stand. we chatted and lunched and played with various musical instruments. one garage-saler even played us a tune she learned when she was small. after we hit up Goodwill, we visited with my eyeglass place so i can have an extra pair of eyes along for the trip. then, after that we drove around in circles until we settled on a burger joint we never tried where we enjoyed some good eats and split a rootbeer float.all i want to do is crash and take a nap. oh drats! now i REALLY miss the sofa! happy weekend!

Friday, April 23, 2010

garage sale a-go-go

everyone keeps telling me they wish they could come to the garage sale. i'm not sure why though. do you really think i would sell such niftiness? sure, there will be some vintage, some new books, some old, happy clothes, fun dishes and a leetle bit o' kitsch but did you really think i could part with treasures such as these? (and yes, there is a lot of dust kicking around the tiny casa)if yer localish, do stop by. we a-go-gos like the company and would love a hug, a coffee or a coke or a slurpee or a banh mi...

Thursday, April 22, 2010

i've been very forgetful today

*spent far too long on the phone trying to figure out how to get my meds while we're on the trip.*took pretty morning pictures when i meant to take my meds. took me two hours to remember to take them. the meds, not the pictures.*i never got to finish my coffee. *dishes got washed but the bathroom did not get cleaned.*i did manage to put the ironing board away. i really should have boxed up all the stuff and junk on the kitchen table and schmunked more in garage sale boxes but when i went outside to throw some trash away i was swayed by the garden and hung out there instead.

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

this morning

there is (as always) MUCH to be done before we head out on the BIG road trip. we're having a garage sale this saturday which still needs to be filled with garage sale stuff which means i have to scavenge through the chaos to see what i can part with...not fun when yer not supposed to be inhaling dust or anything. mister's last day of work is friday which means he's at work all day and doesn't particularly cotton to cleaning and rooting in the casa. but then again, there is so much chaos, it is hard not to want to get it all done. makes for cranky times and cranky times are not fun. i'm also trying, trying, trying to squeeze in last minute visits with all m'friends. gosh, i'm gonna miss you folks, yer all so swell and grand. i'm hoping that the garage sale will be a stand in as a going away party as i have no time at all to plan one and kinda secretly always wanted a party planned FOR me, ya know? we leave the casa in ten days. eeps! and since there is so much to do, i decided to chow done on a pretty breakfast of pumpkin muffin and hot ginger milk and then i decided i should take the dress dummy out to the garden and photograph it, why yes, i must. wouldn't you?

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

just for fun

in celebration of my breathing again, the packing up of the casa and the BIG road trip, how's about a little giveaway? nothing spectacular mind you but leave a comment here if you would like to decorate yer casa with my junk mail picado. it's all wrapped up and ready to go....i'll pick the winner first thing friday morning.

Monday, April 19, 2010

garden to go at craftzine.com

check out my in bloom project at craftzine.com. oh how i love spring (even when it steals all my oxygen away)!

the week in review: april 12-18

click here to read about the week.

this is mister's last week at work, i need to hightail it over to urgent care and make sure i'm doing EVERYTHING i need to be so i can be healthy on the trip. on the phone, three docs told me i'm doing everything right but after four weeks of crying in the middle of the night because i am sooooo tired and can't breathe, i'm REALLY hoping there is something we're missing. this is the third time i can remember feeling this awful for this long and i cannot remember what i did to get better. bah!

Saturday, April 17, 2010

today...april 17

we were approached by a not-so-well person while enjoying the lovely spring weather and a rootbeer float at Foster's Freeze. he stood over us slightly touching and speaking rapidly and purposefully in spanish. i couldn't catch everything he was saying but it was something about how he did not want to play with me. not sure where it was going i told him i didn't understand, no se. he then told mister a-go-go that he could kill him...in english. it was then that we got up and went to the car. the ladies at the counter were yelling at him to leave, everyone else enjoying their cones just watched with smirks and wide eyes. this is something i will not miss about this big city of ours. such a shame as the day then took on a sour mood. we shook it off but still...sigh.

at least that float up there looks enticing. it was good too, only slightly bittersweet...

last week...

we stood in flowers, and took pictures, and picnicked. the photo was art directed by me and shot with a friend's camera. thank you for the fun day!

Friday, April 16, 2010

sooo much to do yet sooo easily distracted

i think i'm in denial about this whole move/trip thing. it doesn't help that i still can't quite breathe well. the cough is much better but still there and my ear is clogged so there is a lot of noise in the noggin. when i feel better i get up and sweep, pack, or sort and then i feel slumpy all over again. i hope this ends soon. we leave in two weeks and well, i wanna be healthy. there are boxes everywhere and things piled atop all flat surfaces. i look at it and list the things i have to do and then i cough so much i want to pass out. the mister is a trooper and is doing everything. he's even soothing my guilt over the sick and the ick and the lack of progress. he's my guy and i lurve him to bits.today, so far, after super-freaky-crazy dreams and not really much sleep i have gone through photo boxes and thrown out a load of trash and recycling. i also started packing up my picture books. i'm taking itty bitty steps and drinking lots of fluids and maybe later, i'll eat a cupcake. itty bitty steps.

Thursday, April 15, 2010

aw sugar...

i did not intend to have a sugar filled day somehow it just happened. first off, i had a card for six free cupcakes at an awesome bakeshop (more on that later) and then i went to McDonald's for a coke but as I was pulling into the parking lot an employee came out with free samples of their mocha-something-frappa-somethin'and the cups were so wee and cute and topped with whipped cream (and chocolate sauce), how could i refuse? and then as i circled the the lot to exit, i met up with the same employee on the other side and he offered me another and well...can you blame me? they were really leetle, cross my heart. so there ya go, a day of better breathing, attempted errands and a leetle too much sugar (though i have not touched the cupcakes, those are waiting for the mister).

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

another lovely reason for my lurve of flickr

i sent her froot loops, she sent me macarons. they may not have survived the journey intact but they smelled sweet, were full of flavor and photographed beautifully. the fabric will be used for something wonderful. thank you claire!

Monday, April 12, 2010

Sunday, April 11, 2010

playing with the poladroid

just a bit of fun as i am all out of new words. the brain, she is too full of chaos and thought and the coughing really needs an eviction notice. on a side note, yesterday we saw purdy flowers. pictures to come once i get he battery recharged.

Friday, April 09, 2010

if only it were backwards day

cuz i feel lousy. i'm not sure where my brain has hied off to but i am quite sure it has run away and eloped with my self-esteem. i'm having a stupid, stupid week (seriously, stoopid). but it's okay cuz i think anyone would be having such a week if they were me. let me count my woes...

*i'm still sick with lung stuff. i blame it on the pollen from the trees we played under two weeks ago at the park. i tend to forget i have sad lungs. i'm kinda like a kid that way. "but moooommmm..."

*because of the ick, i have a COUGH...as in fully loaded. it ain't pretty. and i've been hacking so hard my muscles hurt and my bones ache and i feel on the verge of nausea nonstop.

*because of the cough i can't sleep. and if there is one thing i'm really good at, it's sleeping. haven't slept in well in two weeks. there are nice plumby bruises under my eyes from this lack of sleep.

*the mister too has not been sleeping. it's all because of me. i hack, i wheeze, i cough and then i um...SNORE, like my old valiant when the manifold baked itself open. worse than a chopper. it is bad. and because he isn't sleeping, i feel guilty. he is the one with the hateful job after all.

*not only is there a cough and guilt and a flurry of alien beings festering in my lungs, there are wee creatures that seems to nap in my throat causing me to gurgle and wheeze and sound like a pack of snurfle-faced pugs. this also keeps me awake.

and because i am feeling self-indulgent, let's toss a few more woes into the mix...(you may wish to run away and go read something else or watch this or this because i do give a little too much info coming up. i'm just warning ya.)

*so i'm sick and i'm wheezy and i'm very unhappy with this ick why not wallow a little in my infertility. you may or may not be aware of this but it is so and i'm sad. actually i'm pretty pissed off about it because there are real REASONS* and there is nothing i can do. we had been trying for five years and two summers ago i had a very painful test (for me) that spelled it all out. the parts aren't shaped right. deformity was also mentioned. and grandma had just died and so i coped by pretending i was okay. that i knew it was probably not going to happen anyway and i probably would suck at being a mom so this is for the better, right? and so i pretended and i cried and i ate and i got lazy and i ate more and got lazier and gained what i like to call "the no-baby weight". and i'm quite embarrassed about it all but it is there and i want to change it but i can't breathe to DO anything about it so what do i do instead? i drink a coke...from MCDonalds. a large one and then another and another (not in a row, mind you) over the course of a couple of months which ADDS to the "no-baby weight" and topples over a few more dominoes. okay, a LOT more dominoes.

*and then there's this whole road trip and move. don't get me wrong. i am VERY excited about it all but it is a bit overwhelming. the packing up of the tiny casa, the adventuring to the unknown and wondering if we're gonna be okay through it all, leaving good friends and lovely people behind...see...more dominoes.

*so all these dominoes are falling over but they're not connected to any cool Rube Goldberg machine just my shaky sense of self which makes me weepy. add the ick and this makes me extra weepy. so there has been a lot of tears this week but i think they're a bit cathartic. tiring yes, painful, most definitely but the more i work it out in my head, the more i think about it and talk it through, the more stable i feel.

oh, if only today were backwards day...

*p.s. did i forget to mention the menopause? oy!

Tuesday, April 06, 2010

me me me me

oh if only i were an opera singer. nope folks, the above title is because this post is all about me. it is after all, my blog but the funny thing is there are nifty bloggers out there in blogland that thought i was nifty so they wrote about me. for reals? i'm so gosh-durned flattered and goofy with lurve. so pull up a cuppa or a pumpkin bar or an egg puff and follow along and indulge me in my me-me-me-me-ness.

amy of sweet sweet life has a home tour of the tiny casa. i had always wanted to do a home tour but took the tiny casa for granted. now that we're actually LEAVING the tiny casa, i thought this was as good a time as any so pop on over to sweet sweet life for a looksie at the tiny casa.

next up is elaine of glow in the dark soul aka a life in cupcakes. she's a pretty nifty artist and all around colorful gal as well. she has a wee interview with me all about what inspires me, who i am and where i come from. if you've ever wondered and missed it all when i babbled on about it here, please do check it out, othersies ingnore my interview but check out her blog and nifty tutorial on a diy camera strap for the mini instax.

next up, i'm just gonna do a little self-promotion but not really for me, more for the magazine i write for. have you heard of blanket? it's pretty awesome. blanket is an online publication that you download in pdf form. each issue is only $2 and full t othe brim with art and design. and if you like, you too can become a contributor through re_action. oh and lest i forget, mr. a-go-go also contributes, he draws comics, have i told you about that beofre? you can check out his pic-shaws blog to see more. that man is uber talented!

and finally, stay tuned, you'll be seeing more of me at craftzine.com, mixtape and finally another wee interview at part of dommie's take five series on exquisite and unique.

Monday, April 05, 2010

the week in review: mar 29- apr 4

i have to admit that while i do love spring, i am not so much a fan of the pollens that invade my sad lungs. it was a good week if you took out all the wheezing and inhaler sucking. there was a concert, pie, new hair, visits with friends and a visit with family. the witch-baby is now hiding out under the bed of a sister-a-go-go and the tiny casa is being overrun by boxes upon boxes. here's to a productive week and may this one be even more so.

Thursday, April 01, 2010

scenes from the casa

we're moving away in four weeks. four weeks. i have lived in this tiny casa for ten years. i really love this space inside and out. it will be missed. so, i am taking pictures. lots of pictures to remember it in all it's technicolor kitsch. here's to new adventures and the future casa-to-be!