Friday, March 05, 2010


instead of lentils, we're having pizza & salad and i forgot to make something unless making a mess counts...

*i did three loads of laundry AND put them away. (usually i heap it all up somewhere "out of the way")

*hit trader joes and got good stuff. i also got into a scuffle with a very rude lady in the parking lot. i suppose i didn't need to honkity honk honk at her but she was really passive aggressive and i hate that (honking doesn't count...heehee). she immediately stopped her car, got out and stomped over to me but remained a safe distance and started with the "you gotta a problem?" stuff. i wanted to stop my car, get out, walk up to her and ask her if she was having a bad day but instead i told her that i did indeed have a problem as she almost clipped Rodney. if i hadn't been paying attention, she would have. she did that thing when she rudely cut in front of me from a very busy street (i was half turned into the parking lot, right turn. she was in the center lane on the street waiting to make a left) where she refused to look and give me eye contact. i am the first person to let someone in front of me as long as you give me eye contact. she didn't look because she knew she was wrong. stupid lady. but then i got to follow her around trader joe's. that was fun.

*i cleaned the bedroom. as in really cleaned it. swept and rearranged and threw things out and am ready to pack it up now. sigh.

*i didn't make anything. except maybe a big honking mess...and tea. i made tea.

*chocolate was had, but of course.

*did not make lentils. picked a salad from the garden and am just about to pop some joe's pizzas into the oven.

it is supposed to rain all weekend. we will be holed up in the tiny casa with a wee venturing out to meet lita for lunch. other than that, there will be more cleaning, some uke playing, a netflix movie and maybe some baking as i picked up some apples and so did mr. a-go-go and now we have TOO MANY apples. do fujis make good pies? have a great weekend folks!


  1. hm. I found something saying Fuji's were better for fresh eating or applesauce. My mom-in-law makes a pie where she cooks the apples down to a thick sauce with lots of cinnamon and some sugar and puts that into a pre-baked bottom crust, covers it with a top crust and bakes it til golden. So good - it might be good with the Fujis! Love Honeycrisps for reg apple pie!

  2. this sounds oddly similar to my yesterday.
    i have a habit of driving too cautiously which means i get honked at a lot and before i even have a moment to think first i honk back. i try to work on it but my hands seem to be quicker than my head. love your blog. :)

  3. Hi! I found your blog via Hidden in France. I am an ex-Angeleno and I am here visiting this week but I think when I go home to the east coast I will now regularly follow your blog to get a "slice of life" of LA as your TJ's crazy lady episode was a classic. Now, it IS supposed to rain all weekend but the sun is peeking out so I'm off to Venice beach to play(but first, chocolate)...enjoy your day and thanks for the smiles.

  4. love the granny square quilt on the previous post, i own its sister, identical twin sister. thats weird.
    anyways, glad you got some good cleanin in, that always feels good(hopefully you will run across one of your books,i'll be happy to pay you for).
    i'm gonna miss all your pictures of the casa when you leave on the big trip, but i know i won't be disapointed with all the replacement pictures that will be taking its place.
    where ever you and the mister land the casa is sure to follow.