Wednesday, March 31, 2010

the list that did not happen

not really...

*i did NOT make a craft box but i DID make a mess.

*there is an envelope with a stamp and a giveaway in it, but i still have to post about it.

*mister mailed the bunnies for me. my allergies had me huddled on the sofa.

*oh but i did. i stressed out in a BIG way, as did the mister and he still is...stressing out that is.

*no planning was done, but i did go to the market and i did make dinner so i suppose that is something.

i'm done with lists for the week, making lists is stressing me out and i'm tired of sweeping and staring at the HUGE mess that is the tiny casa. where do i begin? aack! tomorrow you get to see the new april bed and i get to clean some more but then i am seeing Janet Klein just down the street from me so all is good. it is.

Monday, March 29, 2010

make a surprise egg

instructions can be found at craftzine

the week in review: mar 22-28

i didn't pack or clean or organize but i did...

*bake cupcakes
*help out at a bake sale
*watch this movie
*spend the day with the bea and these favorite people
*pick flowers from the garden
*add a few things to the shop
*finish a project for craft zine
*lunch with this lady
*play with my new camera
*visit these cherry trees
*eat banh mi for lunch
*and finally, we took a mini road trip out past cabazon, through palm springs to bombay beach and then on to salvation mountain. it was a great week folks! fantastic! read more about it here.

*for some reasone, blogger isn't uploading pics so you get this little one for now...

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Book It Bake Sale!

today's bake sale at Home Ec is to help raise funds for Micheltorena Elementary School's Library! swing on by for some delicious homemade goodies. i'll be bringing ice cream cone cupcakes and maybe some more super sweet chocolate chip sandwiches! check out Home Ec's flickr pool for pics from previous sales.

Home Ec. Shop
3815 W Sunset Blvd
Saturday, March 27 11am-7pm

Thursday, March 25, 2010

bunnies in the shop

i know i'm cutting it close but i have six bunnies hoping for new homes! if you wish to adopt, these will be mailed on Tuesday, March 30...i promise! as long as yer in the continenntal U.S. you should get them in time for Easter! sorry, there are no more cocoa bunnies but these are just as sweet!

Monday, March 22, 2010

the week in review: mar 16-21

oh the green! oh the flowers! oh the new camera!

dreams run amuck

i've always been a dreamer. both in sleeptime adventures and the sort of lackadaisical mayhem that got me trouble in school on a regular basis. i'd say it is a rare occasion when i awake in the morning without memories of my sleeptime adventures. the mister is stupefied by it all. he generally doesn't remember his dreams. last night's dream were hijacked by an invisible remote control as if some other floaty invisible being had control of clicker and wasn't really interested in my quirky psyche.

when i was comfortable and dreaming of an eighties version of myself making a patchwork quilt of candy wrappers while listening to Thomspon Twins i was shoved out of the picture to watch some sort of detective show with guns and chaos and Motorhead.** then i was back in my old room finding that the tiny closet in my chifforobe was a never ending tunnel of vintage. i blissfully started pulling out dress after vintage dress while Poi Dog Pondering whistled in the background only to be abruptly shoved aside for more dark and gloomy shooting but this time it was some sort of rube goldberg machine in a staircase that managed to domino kill at least three "bad guys". all dream night long i was in happy land one moment with pop music, a thinner me and color floating about when suddenly, the next was full of dark and angry men and metal music. couple that with my only slightly asleep state due to the mister having to work in the morning and him telling me of my blanket thieving skills and i can say i'm a bit groggy today. but then again, that could be because it is monday and mondays generally are freebie days where i attempt to wrap my head around the going ons for the week. this week is taking care of doctor visits, a couple of visits with friends, tying up loose crafty ends and packing, packing, packing. phew! already, i am tired!

**i never listened to Thompson Twins in my youth, i listened to far dorkier bands. i have however had stuck in my head an ominous open to an eighties song. it had been stuck there in the noggin for weeks now and all i could sing or remember or share was "oohooh oohooh ow ooh ooh ooh ow".. it was maddening! and all because of mister telling me of the wee a-boy's translation of poopoo head...poopoo-od...he was after all, three at the time. and suddenly i heard this voice singing the ooh-ow thing and i couldn't remember any other part but after too many wasted moments on itunes and then youtube, i found! eureka i found it!

and, as for motorhead...while i did my fair share of listening to metallica, black sabbath and yngwie malmsteem, i did not exactly listen to motorhead which is only slightly odd as i did listen to d.i., agent orange and other loudish punk bands...anyway, motorhead sticks in the noggin because of the young ones (i LOVE the them!) and because my brother and i once spent an evening back in the late eighties making a very inappropriate music mix using kiss the girl as the base and i do believe there was some motorhead in that, along with the dead kennedys and schoolly d. oh, those were the days!

Friday, March 19, 2010

today in my head...

i have not yet made friends with this new lighter brighter sunshine we're having. the time change here always throws me off-kilter. the mornings seems darker as if the moon just cannot help but linger a little longer and my sleep gets deeper, pulled under the covers by dreams of goats in minnie pearl hats, enormous corsages & missed proms and twisty windy roads that play music as you drive upon them.

i find myself sleeping in and then i wake up feeling guilty for the time i wasted dreaming. there is much to be done and for those of you who didn't know, yes, we are moving, moving, moving away from this big lovely city full of the best eats anywhere, empty morning beaches and mountains so high you need a coat for summer meanderings.

not only are we pushing off into the great US of A for a mad frolic with our country but we are packing up the tiny casa for an unknown tomorrow. we will cull and give and barter and sell a great portion of my mad collecting and acquisitions. the rest will be boxed up and stored until we return from our road trip. then....we have no idea really.

we know this trip seems nutty and crazy especially when we have roots here and the mister has a job, but we feel it is time to be crazy what with all the sorrow we have had these past few years. we have lost loved ones and little pieces of ourselves along the way as we two a-go-gos found that we cannot create our own wee one. so yes, an adventure is in store. a mid-life creative crisis is in the works and hopefully we will land with clear heads, brighter smiles and a readiness for the future.

so i hope to shake hands with these brighter sunnier days. i hope to embrace them and hug them and make friends as i will need all the company i can get as i stare at this very full and cluttered casa that needs to somehow fit into its new box home. it is almost more than i can focus on.

and i think, maybe for this week, i need the extra sleep, the extra time to dream, the remaining bits of a life in a tiny space full of fun and fine memories, chirping birdies in the garden, and sundress weather in march. for now i like this lazy sense of living even while all that needs to be done is lined up in front of me like a group of children waiting to be picked for the team. pick me! pick me! ooh ooh, pick me! picking is the hardest part, because always, someone is last...

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Sunday, March 14, 2010

the drive up

we have family up the coast about three hours away. we spend at least one weekend a month visiting and noodling around. you would think that the drive would become boring after seven years but really, it surprises me every time the wheels start rolling. usually, we're up before the sun and hit pacific coast highway just as the sun opens her bright and shiny eyes. man, it always surprises me just how pretty our world can be. with the trip just around the corner, things are getting serious in the tiny casa. spreadsheets are being created, boxes are being collected, plans are being made and panic is settling in. mr. a-go-go is taking care of so much and me? well, i'm waiting till the last minute because that seems to be how i roll (shhhh...don't tell mr. a-go-go).we loaded up the car with important documents, empty wine barrels for planting and planter upon planter of strawberries and three kinds of mint. this is really happening...we're gonna be moving soon! just don't ask us where...we have no idea.upon our arrival up at a-go-go headquarters, we hung put with the boy a-go-go and then lunched on pancakes and burgers. after a short stint of moving stuff around the sister a-go-go's garden, we let pop-a-go-go head home to take care of business while we loaded up the boy and ourselves into the car to look at storage sheds and seek out wildflowers.them sheds are crazy expensive and there were no flowers to be seen so after a quick stop at our bridge we headed home for a classic spaghetti dinner and some pythagoras switch. i also introduced the boy-ago-go to weird al and i think i may have created a monster.

Friday, March 05, 2010


instead of lentils, we're having pizza & salad and i forgot to make something unless making a mess counts...

*i did three loads of laundry AND put them away. (usually i heap it all up somewhere "out of the way")

*hit trader joes and got good stuff. i also got into a scuffle with a very rude lady in the parking lot. i suppose i didn't need to honkity honk honk at her but she was really passive aggressive and i hate that (honking doesn't count...heehee). she immediately stopped her car, got out and stomped over to me but remained a safe distance and started with the "you gotta a problem?" stuff. i wanted to stop my car, get out, walk up to her and ask her if she was having a bad day but instead i told her that i did indeed have a problem as she almost clipped Rodney. if i hadn't been paying attention, she would have. she did that thing when she rudely cut in front of me from a very busy street (i was half turned into the parking lot, right turn. she was in the center lane on the street waiting to make a left) where she refused to look and give me eye contact. i am the first person to let someone in front of me as long as you give me eye contact. she didn't look because she knew she was wrong. stupid lady. but then i got to follow her around trader joe's. that was fun.

*i cleaned the bedroom. as in really cleaned it. swept and rearranged and threw things out and am ready to pack it up now. sigh.

*i didn't make anything. except maybe a big honking mess...and tea. i made tea.

*chocolate was had, but of course.

*did not make lentils. picked a salad from the garden and am just about to pop some joe's pizzas into the oven.

it is supposed to rain all weekend. we will be holed up in the tiny casa with a wee venturing out to meet lita for lunch. other than that, there will be more cleaning, some uke playing, a netflix movie and maybe some baking as i picked up some apples and so did mr. a-go-go and now we have TOO MANY apples. do fujis make good pies? have a great weekend folks!

the march bed

only one more bed to see before we hit the road!

Wednesday, March 03, 2010