Friday, February 05, 2010

zee jumping beans...they have been spilled!

did ya know that issue number 20 of blanket magazine is now available? and did ya know that i write for it? this issue marks the third anniversary of this snazzy pdf zine and inside you'll find all sorts of inspirational art bits and stories. my particular story is all about the magic of jumping and as an aside, i conducted a wee interview with fellow jumper extraordinaire, Nikki of WhiMSy love.

a couple of months ago, she and i put together a nifty tutorial on the magic of jumping. we've kept it under our hats for far too long, so jump (heehee) on over to WhiMsy love to behold the fun and of course, don't fergit a wee leap over to Blanket to download Issue 20 (just a couple a bucks for one issue, or subscribe for the year). there is some serious eye candy in there my friends, serious! (mr. a-go-go writes a comic for them as well...)

so what are ya waitin' for? take leap or two!!

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