Friday, February 19, 2010

sad or not, i still take pictures of anything and everything

these past few days in between bouts of stupidity, pity and a snotty face i have...

played with the new can-jo

picked flowers

foraged for salad

made homemade salad dressing

listened to old tunes that make me smile

baked banana bread

and planned some crafting for this rainy weekend.


  1. happy your nose is clean and you are creating again!! YAY! Now go forth and CREATE!

  2. oo i just love your quirky snaps! happy crafting!

  3. your blog makes me smile

  4. that banana bread looks so gorgeous it sent me straight into the kitchen to bake something. i could almost smell the loveliness through the screen.

  5. I don't know you personally, sweet girl, but I do feel like you are my friend. And when you come to SD, I will be waiting with open arms. (What I'm afraid is that you'll come to town and hide from me. See? Lots of us do that kind of stuff.) Glad to see your posts--they always make my day...xoxo.