Thursday, February 04, 2010

a charley horse, purple chalk and fifteen morning minutes

the mister startled awake last night with a ferocious charley horse. the kind that makes you think maybe one's leg was simply mistaken for stretch armstrong or something. it was startling and it took my heart a while to mellow to a slow dance so i could fall back to sleep. it prolly took him longer. it reminded me that man oh man do i hate leg cramps and it has been a long long time since i have had the pleasure. either way, i'm not sure if it was the stark awakening or maybe the unagi i had for dinner but when i finally fell back to sleep i was in a dark backward kind of dreamland.

there was a steep steep steepy steep driveway i had to walk up to get to the car. as i walked the gravel rolled and giggled under my feet causing me to slip slip all over the place. there was an enormous orange tin sign that belonged to me but somehow got hammered into a brick wall of some fancy pants building i was parked behind. there was falling down stairs and dropping giant plastic baby boots and my cousin as he looked at fourteen running around the place drawing on my brother's shirt with electric purple chalk. there was an indignant cry of the staining chalk and a mad tussle across the parking lot as my brother and cousin attempted to mark each other up to tomorrow and then there was running, across the lot only to find it covered in nest upon nest of army ants and i suddenly forgot how to move my legs so that i could well...move. to cap it all off, i finally got into the car but couldn't get the seat belt to click. the weird part is that it wasn't scary or frightening or anything like that. it just was. like, here we go again.

having dreams like that always makes me extra sleepy so i slept through the 8am call and woke up just shy of 8:40 or so. I got up and immediately rolled over to the window to greet the day.

by the time it was 9am i had greeted the morning, brushed my hair, picked out the remaining bedding for the bed, admired the pillowcase i made, hugged the witch-baby, brewed my morning chai, washed the dishes in the sink, ate breakfast and swept the floor. not a bad way to start the day.

today there will be posts up on goin' with the a-go-gos, dilly-do and here. there will be a tutorial of sorts, a shout out to blanket magazine and a delicious somethin' on the 'do. the bed will get made and portraited the table will get cleaned off, the phonecalls will be returned, the errands ran and then i will put on something fun, pick up the mister and meet some nifty people for a nifty dinner and then a nifty show.

phew! i think i just may already be tired.

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