Saturday, February 27, 2010

bake sale!

hey you local people...if yer not afeared of them intermittent showers swing on by Home Ec in Silverlake for a nifty bake sale. There are all sorts of delightful, chocolate guiness cake, jek-made mini gingerbread loaves, vegan treats and something for the pups in yer life. the best part is that all the proceeds go to The Mutt Scouts.

Home Ec,
3815 W. Sunset Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90026

Friday, February 26, 2010

today's to-do....

**one of the giveaway packages has been mailed. the other two are waiting for addresses so please don't fergit to send me yer address, you know who you are...i hope you know who you are!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

bonanza winners!

being that i am feeling far too lazy to print out numbers and put them in a hat and being that i am far too impatient to wait until tomorrow to put happy numbers in a happy hat i have decided that my itunes will select the package receivers.

i put my player on shuffle and created a playlist with the first 53 songs that popped up (it's a pretty eclectic mix if i do say so myself).* i did not sit and listen to them all. that would take FOREVER, instead i joyfully hit the advance arrow to the next song and added each one to a playlist called "random giveaway".

then i hit that magic shuffle button and here are the first three songs that came up...

33. mom & dad: cub
7. iced tea: the capers
50. guitar rag: sylvester weaver

which means that....
silencer, andrea & susie are the (hopefully) happy receivers of wee delightful orange packages! if i can't hunt you down, please make sure to email me your mailing information (even if you think i have it). yay for birthdays and unbirthdays!

*i know it says there are 54 comments but i accidentally published a double commenter (commentor?). and rather than delete the comment i just skipped the repeat.

**in case you were wonderin' why i chose 8:36pm to be the comment deadline time, it was the time i was born, give or take a minute or two. my memory gets foggy in this old age. heehee!

birthday recap

okay, while there was a tiny wee bit of disappointment in regards to something i was anticipating, i still thoroughly enjoyed my day. it must have been all that facebook love, the songs on my answering machine and my birthday company. here's a recap in pictures...

there was some thrifting. good thrifting.

there was pie. good pie.

there was a birthday crown and coffee with whipped cream.

there were cards.

and homemade presents. love!

there were girl scout cookies...

and sweets and fun candles.

there even was some crafting, dishwashing, sweeping and list making.

the evening ended with thai food and Lost. not a bad day. not bad at all.

oh, and while i did find my birthday glasses just in time, i totally forgot to take my birthday picture in them so this shot goes out to roomie whose birthday is today! happy birthday roomie!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

birthday bonanza!

if ya wanna know 39 things about me click here otherwise read on.

thank you! thank you! thank you for all the wonderfully fantabulous birthday wishes! you sure know how to make a dorky muddled girl feel dorkier for all those wishy-washy feelings of ickiness. as a thank you and as a celebration, i am doing a birthday giveaway. for those of you who know how bad i am at mailing giveaway prizes on time, never fear, this time everything is wrapped and envelopes are stuffed so all i will need is an address to send them to. what's inside? well, that's a surprise but i can assure it's all handmade! leave me a comment or birthday wish here at scrumdillydilly (not my facebook link) and i'll add you to the list. there will be three packages going out and you have until 8:36pm tomorrow (the 24th) to enter the giveaway. yay! here's a sneak so ya know i ain't lyin'!

Monday, February 22, 2010

the week in review: feb 15-21

i was in a snit all week but here ya go, some non-snittiness. clockwise from the top left:

*we had ice cream
*and played with handmade instruments
*there was some garden picking
*mr. a-go-go made me laugh all week
*i played with fabric
*and looked for ostriches
*we lunched in solvang
*i got sweet mail
*and picked "spring" flowers
*made some niftiness for craftzine
*i ate this crazy thing with stacey
*we took it easy driving home from slo
*and i felt like a foolish-sad-racoonish clown all week.

i hope this week is better, please be better. my birthday is tomorrow. sigh.

Friday, February 19, 2010

sad or not, i still take pictures of anything and everything

these past few days in between bouts of stupidity, pity and a snotty face i have...

played with the new can-jo

picked flowers

foraged for salad

made homemade salad dressing

listened to old tunes that make me smile

baked banana bread

and planned some crafting for this rainy weekend.

here we go round the mull(ing)berry bush

(indulge me or skip this. i get kinda whiney.)

i've been trying to sort out all the thoughts and chaos that is (are?) floating about the noggin but just can't seem to pull it off. in a nutshell, i feel sad. heavy with sad. there are real reasons for this and not so real reasons for this and i think the not so real reasons make me feel foolish and stupid and quite ridiculous and all ego-driven. and it seems that when i feel sad, i am a wonder at digging up all the awful hurtful things people in my life have told me i am. so yeah, not so fun. how is it that we can receive praise and all that good stuff and it gives a smile that carries us through the day but give it some time and all we can recall is the bad stuff, the stuff where people tell you you are hateful and unkind and it is no wonder you have no friends. the bad stuff that wallops you in the gut, takes your breath away and keeps you from eating or thinking or sleeping or maybe keeps you from not eating or sleeping or thinking. too little or too much of any of that can't be good.

i feel sad and i feel foolish and not at all unlike my thirteen year old self who muddled through junior high in a saddened friendless state. i'm not saying i have no friends because i do, i have some absolutely wonderful people in my life (you know who you are). i'm just admitting to my juvenile self who feels unliked and unpopular and then really lame for wanting to be popular. who do i think i am miss amanda jones or somethin'? i have never felt like i fit in, ever. hello? i'm a freaking oingo boingo mantra was on the outside and even with all my wisdom and maturity (kee-hee) i still feel socially inept and on the fringe of everything that goes on around me. there are circles i circle around in but are not actually IN and i'm not sure why. i want to be but i'm not. is this a problem with me feeling insecure (thanks pop) so i don't want to push it or is it because i'm just not really liked. do i need to be more agressive and assume i'm a part of the crowd or do i wait for an invitation. most of all i think i really need to get over this dorkier-than-dorky feeling and move on. right?

mr. a-go-go and i are leaving may 1 or at least that is the plan. we are packing up and heading out for an adventure not knowing exactly what is going to happen. we're leaving our tiny casa and this great big city we live in. we are leaving friends and family behind. it is exciting and scary and i'm ashamed to admit that i don't think it will make any difference. oh, that sounds awful but what i mean is, will we be missed? will we meet new people, will my internet friends want to meet us? see? i'm like sooo totally acting like a teenager. it's nuts. this is the stuff that is not so real that makes me fret. the other stuff, the truly saddening stuff makes me too kerfungled to write and so i won't. and to cap it all off,my birthday is next week and i haven't really made a plan, or organized anything to do and i'm not sure i want to but that makes me feel petulant. there will be good eats and i will see my favorite people but i feel like it is mechanical and that is all my problem. my nutty way of behaving and thinking. i have told you i am a dork, right?

a total dork.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

too much

there is simply a little too much eating at me and knocking me down. almost almost almost did the big delete but instead locked up for a day to mull. still mulling but unlocked. i should have a new post up on craft tomorrow. here, not so much.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

happy sweet love

happy valentine's day!

ten garlands in ten days: day ten

oh how i hope this doesn't disappoint. currently i am on the road visiting with family up in central california so my garland-to-be had to be planned and easily transported. so here ya go, my final garland...aka fun with staples!

Friday, February 12, 2010

ten garlands in ten days: day nine

not recommended for outdoor use...that whole rain thing can be a buzzkill. also, not easy for the kidlets to do, give them some froot loops instead. also not pictured but very important is the oiling of the needle. keep it oiled to keep it from getting too sticky. oh, and a thimble would be useful as well.

Thursday, February 11, 2010

jar of hearts on craftzine

here's a nifty way of wrapping an assortment of tiny trinkets. perfect for valentine's day. check it out here!

ten garlands in ten days: day eight

another sort of cheater being that i just posted one that was tiny AND stitched but i was working on some valentines and these were the scraps and i couldn't let them go to waste now, could i?

Wednesday, February 10, 2010

ten garlands in ten days: day seven

okay, so i only slightly cheated on this one. take the punched out hearts from yesterday's garland and feed them into your happy sewing machine until you run out of hearts. they may seem small but if you gently place them under the foot they'll automatically feed right into the line of fire! happy garland making!