Monday, January 25, 2010

today...january 25

today among the many many things that happened (errands, coffee, stacey time and my darn allergy stuff) i want to remember the man who tried to sell me a pineapple from the trunk of his car and the fact that the very first song to play on the ipod this morning was rhis song (on top of the world) by shonen knife.

i also got to see some of my favorite kidlets, hang out with a favorite lady and stand on a dinosaur because it is bench monday after all...

i think i saw my first boyfriend coming out of the very store i bought my first pair of combats boots from. i wish i stopped to find out for certain. i feel old.

(oh yeah, Ford officially rejected us as well. Darn them! i guess it's time to focus on a Kia Soul...)


  1. i bought a watermelon out of a man's trunk once.but it was in Calabria, where it's normal for fruit growers to also double are fruit vendors on the streets, using their cars as impromptu fruit stands. normal, but unusual. but delicious!

  2. we have curbside fruit sellers everyhwere and the best bag of oranges ever came from one of them. at my fave thrift. there is a car that sells tacos out of their trunk..they even have a sign with the name of their business. someday i think i will try one. :)