Sunday, January 31, 2010

today: january 31

spent the entire day at home. puttered about doing this and that. made breakfast of egg puffs and a fruity-liscious smoothie. mr. a-go-go cut his hair which i still have to check for flyaways and such.

we lunched in the garden and then i went back to my craft article work and he went back to building his cookie-tin dulcimer.

the coughing is almost gone. not quite, but almost. my ears are unclogged and i can hear as can the mister. he asked me to put ear drops in for him but he cringes up, flinches and laughs like a loon as they drippy-drip-drip into his ear. it gives me an asthma attack almost from all the laughing. then he lays with his head in my lap and we watch something on the tube. last night it was Up. such a sweet movie. and yes. i cried.

we talked of our trip and what kind of trip it may be, if we cannot get a new car or sponsorship, we have to pamper Rodney and take a shorter trip. we have no idea what we are doing really. where do we go? for how long? where do we end up? how will we pull it off? where will we live? where will we work? what will we DO? when there is so much up in the air, excitement can turn to worry. and if there is one thing we a-go-gos are really, really good at. it's the worrying. though after all that worry worry worry we can laugh and dance a polka and then get ice cream.

so here's to next week. may it bring goodness to everyone. may we laugh, smile, eat good things and listen to music that makes our hearts sing.


  1. Anonymous6:25 AM

    Sigh...I wish I could wear red lipstic like you do...Have a great day! xx

  2. such a love-leeee post, m'dear. full of lurve and hope, with a wee dash of springtime... mwah!