Wednesday, January 20, 2010

today: january 20

same old, same old. wrote a little, thought a lot...

*wrote messages to myself
*listened to happy tunes
*did laundry

*attempted to type with a witch-baby on my lap
*watched the rain

*did research for the BIG road trip
*worked on a project

*drank too much coffee
*(and maybe shirked all duties to play one round of gem swap 2)

**before one gets snarky or mean, please note that yes, i have the tragedy of haiti in my heart. there has been research for that as well. if you are in los angeles, please visit Home Ec this sunday for a bake sale that will do us all good. if you can't make it, but find yerself in west hollywood on saturday, check this out. and if yer not a local sort, please visit craft for hope and pick up something for the heart and soul. if you find yourself too strapped or overwhelmed to donate money-wise, give from your heart and check out the Red Cross for a blood drive near you.

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  1. your garden is GORGEOUS & the fabric is B-oo-T-full