Saturday, January 09, 2010

follow through

okay folks. so, after yesterday's post, thoughts and wallow I decided i really needed to follow through on what i said i would do and that was make a list and cross at least three things off of it.

chalk in hand, i carefully wrote out a list of five things. the goal would be to finish all five but if three got crossed off that would be just dandy. but just before i could begin operation list i was scooped up by stacey and we headed out for a bite and some fresh air. while thoroughly enjoying the company of miss za and her mom, my food and an ENORMOUS bottle of fizz, i did not however succumb to the grand sugary beauty of a red velvet macaron. and before you think stacey is an evil evil friend for plopping that pretty down in front of me, she did ask if i wanted sweet and i said nope but to go ahead and enjoy without me. so she did and i didn't. go me!after a jaunty walk back to the car (where no one fell or stepped on hoes or slipped on banana peels). i was soon settled back home and contemplating the list. taking the easy route, i grabbed my uke and bumbled my way through java jive and some sort of attempt at rhythmic strumming.before i got too cranky at my lack of talent, i pulled out a pen and a happy homemade lobster card and wrote a letter to the mama a-go-go. she writes us such wonderful and frequent letters and i always tell myself i need to write back and now finally i did. phew! i want to start writing more and so i need to practice. especially if we are going on our trip!after letter writing, i tackled the top of the work table/bench thing that i had wrapped up in holiday decorations. the umbrella tree got closed, all gifts and ornaments got put away and the fabric got folded (but not put away) and suddenly there was a clean space where there hadn't been in a long, long there...three things off the list but soon four would be crossed off as it was time for dinner making. i pulled out some chicken, a head of cauliflower, a shallot, peas and rice and whipped up a yummy curry roasted cauliflower with turmeric rice & peas and shallot cooked chicken with a dollop of homemade cucumber sauce. it smelled wonderful, tasted even better and i felt accomplished enough to get lazy on the sofa with my sudoku puzzles.

this weekend will be spent with the mister. we will walk, hike or ride somewhere (maybe) and have a general good time driving each other batty. have a great weekend!


  1. I think Make Something, Cook Something and Clean Something might be my mantra to get me through the winter months. Thanks for an inspiring post, even if I don't have a great blackboard to spur me on!

  2. oh but i AM such a mean mean friend! i didn't know you had actually STARTED the sugar-free life (weren't we JUST at Portos?) until i read your post AFTER we had gone... i SUCKKKKKKK!

  3. Donna, i think this will be my new matra too. it's easy, it's inspiring and chalkboard or not, things happen when you follow through...

    Stacey-you are so NOT mean. Porto's marked the going away and i'm good. i'll finish my sugar fast by Valentine's day. hint hint nudge nudge...

  4. public emily6:56 PM

    What is that Target-bag-on-a-stick dohickey? I must know!