Saturday, January 02, 2010

attempting to keep track

just want to hit them mundane things we always forget about so in a nutshell today i...

*made the january bed
*cooked up my new year's rice
*had yummy pho with the mister
*fed a friend's kitty
*took pics of my wee circus folk
*began cutting up sweaters for a january garland
*teamed up with mr. a-go-go for our new blog
*ate yummy chocolate
*cooked up a delicious homemade chai
*spent time with the witch-baby
*watched the birdies in the birdbath

i did not:
*pick up quarters from the bank
*do laundry
*have a pity party
*take the car in for some serious car checking

tomorrow we wiil:
*visit with my brother
*maybe ride bikes
*eat chocolate
*and enjoy ourselves...

1 comment:

  1. You are so darn cute! Love your list of what you did not get done and that you seem to be pretty proud of it too!