Monday, December 07, 2009

the week in review: nov 30-dec 6

i cannot lie. i spent way too much time, mug o tea in hand, gazing out the window watching all the birdies in the garden. you put in one little birdbath and you becomes the hottest garden on the block. i am enchanted by their antics and feel that if it were not for mr. a-go-go and me only owning one cat i would be a finger snap away from being an old cat lady. maybe if i keep myself in stripey goodness and such i won't be so bad. besides, who woulda thunk there could be so many nifty birds in Hollywood? anyway, i watched a lot of birds this week. i baked a little, drank enormous amounts of tea and managed to write up to tutorials. there was a leetle bit of cleaning and a couple of visits to the doctor, two flu shots, one camera up the nose (NOT FUN) and a zillion pills later i'm still here kicking around. we even plotted out a tamale walk but ended up slurping up giant bowls of pho instead. a pretty good week, if i do say so myself. check out the pic on my flickr page for a wee bit more info if ya like. happy december!

i'm off to walk the neighborhood in search of something to stand on. it's pouring out, no driving for me!

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