Wednesday, December 23, 2009

last minute holiday craftiness

i had plans folks. mad plans of crafting a christmas frenzy. but then, i got a distress call that i couldn't ignore so my plans got shoved under the fridge (our tv cabinet) and off i dashed to help the loverly ladies of ReForm School (and do some holiday shopping as could i not, have you ever been in ReForm School? such loveliness!)but today, amidst (amongst?) important phone calls, last minute errands and such i will make like an elf and bake, wrap, clean, pack and craft away as best i can with a wee break to help a wee one make an extra special gift for her brother (and it is AWESOME, but i can't post pics for he might see.)so far, other than the special gift, i have played with macarons (starbucks, whowouldathunkit? thank YOU m'dear!), finished a few phonecalls, washed three loads of laundry, made a fabric chain garland, two almost finished scrapy happy floral pins, a handful of headbands, and the grand reveal of a clean kitchen table (though the table is actually in the living room but you get the picture...)may you all enjoy the bestest of holiday cheer from now until the new year and then may your new year be the most productive and healthy ever! stay tuned for one or two more crafty posts if i can swing it. we'll be off for a family visit tomorrow until monday, i adore you!

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