Monday, November 30, 2009

the week in review: nov 23-29

crafting, cleaning, uke playing, pie eating and trail here for a wee bit more info...happy almost December!

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

i wish i could be crafting

but instead i am in full on procrastination mode. i need to make stuffing for tomorrow and bake some pumpkin squares as well. there are three loads of laundry to finish up and a casa to make semi-purdy for the witch-baby feeder whole we're gone. yup, we're heading up to visit with family for the holiday weekend. how did it get to be Thanksgiving already? where did the time go? i thought i would have the purge finished, the casa clean and purdy and my new shop all full of pretty vintage and handmade things. um...maybe next year?so no crafting in a long long time. none. nada. zilch. instead i will leave you with some happy pics of things i hope to craft with and happy colors around the casa...see you next week, happy almost December!

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

mixtape 11 out now!

whoo-hoo! i do love me some mixtape even when i do not have something napping between the covers..though just so ya know, to be fair and all, i DO have something napping in this issue but i won't tell you what it is, you'll just have to pick up a copy and see for yourself. also included in issue 11 is a nifty coloring page by aunty cookie, a coin quilt tutorial by Suzy Small, and a fun piece on the crafty stash as written by Nicol Vaughan of craftpalooza. check it out!

Monday, November 23, 2009

Friday, November 20, 2009

mojave campout day 2: dunes, lunch & a depot

the wind was so crazy cold and um...windy that we didn't head out at the crack of dawn as planned. instead we burrowed under the covers and braced ourselves against them crazy gusts.

we finally dragged ourselves up around 6:30 (what? to us, the crack of dawn is 4:30) wrapped ourselves up in coats, hats, scarves & gloves and hit the road.our first official stop was the kelso dunes. we brought along some costume fun and took a few pics. what. you don't hike around sand dunes with enormous lime green halloween costumes?truthfully, we didn't make it up the big dune as all that jumping and such kicked my politely in the bum and made me fall down. stupid asthma.after the dunes, we drove and drove and drove to the kelso depot where we wandered about their visitor center and did NOT take pics IN the jail. (only OF the jail).sometime before or after that we lunched on the side of mojave road. we nestled in on a few of the larger rocks of an ancient lava bed and lunched on frou-frou-ish smoked salmon & crusty bread. we a-go-go like the high life.then more wandering. we saw the boarded up mojave cross and some enormous rocks...drove through the largest collection of joshua trees in the u.s.stopped for gas in Baker, and then found an abandoned house followed by 16 miles on a washboard dirt road in our non-4 wheel drive box of a car. poor rodney! but i did see a desert cow..whoo-hoo!when we got back to camp we were greeted by our campmates and settled in for a cold and windy desert night around the fire.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

mojave campout day 1: a surprise detour

mr. a-go-go had a plan for me so i took the first leg of the drive. we were heading up to the National Mojave Preserves and for the most part, our drive would be pretty ho-hum...after a couple of hours i exited the freeway. as i drove closer and closer to our secret destination, i attempted to guess where we were going or what we were going to see...a chicken museum? the largest roller skate ever? a mystery spot? mr. a-go-go hollered for me to stop guessing and then i saw it...oh my goodness! yay and double yay! i have always wanted to see a tee-pee motel and now i get to. yet another reason to adore mr. a-go-go. we pull into the wig-wam motel and are greeted by Kumar who shuffles out of the pool area (there's a pool!) with a phone in each hand pretending to shoot me with asteroid-like sound effects. i do my glee-ful jek dance and proceed to jump up and down begging to take pictures and he says he will give us a tour.and so he did. he even opened up one of the rooms for us to peek inside and offered us up a bite of a fabulously spicey indian (as in india, not native american) bread thing.after we posed for his >"do it in a tee-pee" sign shot, we scout out a spot to jump and our trust tour guide takes the shot for us.i then wander all about snapping myself into a frenzy. i can't wait to come back and do a crafty get together or something. anyone up for it?The WigWam Motel
2728 W. Foothill Blvd
San Bernadino, Ca

mojave campout: before we left

usually we leave super duper early but this time we decided to leave just past morning rush hour. we had plenty of time to noodle about the casa. we ate breakfast even and while mr. a-go-go packed up the car, i left post-it instructions for the witch-baby and such...i may have gone a little overboard but post-it notes can be fun and as it turns out...our witch-baby feeders had a blast with them!there were many more but i won't bore ya with the details...

Monday, November 16, 2009

the week in review: nov 9-15

a little cleaning here and a little camping here for more about the week...

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

another neighborhood walk

trying to see other things...we're heading out for a camping trip where it may get very cold...eeps! i'll see ya back on monday, have a great week!

Monday, November 09, 2009

the week in review: nov 2-8

not much except for an awesome visit with my gal SoMany and the making of the november least it was a colorful week! click here for a wee bit more info.

Wednesday, November 04, 2009

note to self and before i forget

i love the things you see when you keep your eyes open. this morning i heard a quiet cacophony of birds in the garden. when i peeked through the window i saw a squirrel scurry away with a birdie in its mouth. it was followed by another squirrel and it was alarming and amusing all at once. though, it is possible the squirrel had a rodent or something else in its mouth but i'm pretty sure i saw a wing and i am pretty sure i saw it snacking on its bounty (eeuw). the funny part was that is used the telephone wire as its escape route and it would stop to gnaw but then run away once the other squirrel caught up. oh those silly rodents!

then, as i poured myself a cup of tea, i stopped to watch 2 wee birdies bathe away in the makeshift birdbath. out of the corner of my eye i spied a dark shadow and next thing i knew, the little birdies flew the coop and a bigger brown jay looking bird hopped on in. i have never seen a bird like this and am glad the camera was sitting o on the counter.

these are things i would never have noticed had i not been in tune with my surroundings. living in this great big city, i am forever surprised by the wildlife that comes through the garden. did you know we had salamanders? oh yeah and the other day i spied two butterflies doing their butterfly wild thing and we have a black and white crab spider nestled in the lettuce. i suppose now you think i am a certifiable bug dork and you are probably right.

did i tell you all about the tarantulas in the road on the way home from visiting family a few weeks ago? and the cows? the cows that came trotting over the hillside to greet me? it was like a living Far Side comic. TAKE ME TO YOUR LEADER!anyway, i wanted to write about the other things i saw on that drive home because i want to remember it. i'm not gonna get flowery or anything but when you keep your eyes open you see things.

things like tarantulas, wild turkey, deer and serenading cows.