Saturday, October 10, 2009

scrumdillydilly: the book is on sale!

hurry over to lulu today to save 25% off my photo book...(code: FALLFOTO)...the sale ends October 11...but if y miss out, don't worry, you can save 14.92% off if you buy my book on Monday for the Columbus Day (code: PINTA)'s a win, win situation, don't ya think? (the pic up top is a sneak of some of the photos included in the book...theysure are pretty....heehee)


  1. you are just absolutly amazing! You make me smile! When I feel down , i go immediatly on your flickr account or here. Thank you to be like you are! I hope to have a friend like you, Im sure you are a super girl!

  2. and ho! I added you on my blog!

  3. aw,thanks Veronique! may the rest of 2009 be as fabulous as ever and 2010 be a blast just as well!