Tuesday, October 06, 2009

an oridnary day

today is quite extraordinary in its ordinary-ness. the mister is home sick from work and i've been glued glued glued to the computer tippy typing out all sorts of text. methinks my eyes have crossed.there was a morning break to run and meet stacey at the goodwill for some scheming of turning something nifty into something even niftier. after that we had to get coffee..but of course. and then once home, i washed up a sinkful of thrifted dishes and dragged the mister out to glendale for a very important errand for a very important someone's birthday next week. (ssshhhhhh) after which of course we needed, needed, needed a vanilla malt (and a jump).once home, the mister went back to reading and costume making. i went back to tippy typing and maybe a bit of a nap was involved. i snored myself away and dragged my sleepy self into the tiny kitchen where i chopped up some taters for dinner. roasted taters with turmeric...soo good!back to tippy typing while the mister finishes cooking up our dinner (which i have just been informed is ready) with a secret break to flickr and email and a blog read or two. and that is it. a very ordinary day.

gonna go eat...bbq tofu sandwiches with garden fresh lettuce and some roasted taters. the evening is chilly and i am soooo happy to be wearing long sleeves. yay for fall!

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