Friday, October 23, 2009

a good kind of sigh...

maybe even a little dreamy-like.

last night mr. a-go-go and i were camped out on the mushy-messy-pine colored-sofa. we had our ukes out and i was pretending to practice while mr. a-go-go strummed away. the tune he was strumming sounded familiar but he strums a lot of tunes that sound familiar.

i tuned up the cigar box uke my brother made me and attempted to strum. i'm all giant thumbs and spider fingers and everything gets caught up and knotted but i barrel on, though, secretly i wanted to throw the uke across the room and stomp off in a huff with my fists clenched. he played and i tried to and then he says...

"hey, this is only g,c & d, you can do this."

i glance over to what he is playing and now i know why the tune is familiar. it's one of my favorite neko case songs which always reminds me (foolishly) of someone i adored a long time ago. he begins strumming and counting out the emphasis...

ONE, two, three...ONE, two, three...ONE, two, three...ONE, two, three...

i shake my head all pinched faced and lip gnawing and tell him there is no way that i could do it. i am completely and utterly inept. i can't even play "c" without looking at my darned hands.

he tells me "sure you can, it's like a waltz...ONE, two, three...ONE, two, three..."

i tell him i have never waltzed and before i can get all fisty, stompy frustrated, he pulls me up and teaches me to waltz right there in our tiny living room that is made even tinier for all the piles of doilies, magazine pages, craft supplies and books.

there is no music playing save for that in our heads and all the while mr. a-go-go & i turn tiny waltzy circles on the warped wood floor.

we are laughing and stumbling and twirling about when we decide that a waltz in not unlike a polka.

he says to me "they have the same count just with a different emphasis..."

and with that we both bust out and begin a mad polka...trip tropping wherever we can find a place to place our feet. and we twirl, and we stomp and we move so fast we are dizzy with delight.



  1. oh jek, this just made my entire day.
    I can just see you two now.

    very sweet.
    Have a lovely polka dancing weekend!

  2. Anonymous4:15 PM

    I think that may be the best blog post I have ever read. Lovely.

  3. Sounds like a good way to end the day!

  4. That is so very sweet!

  5. Reading your blog always makes me happy.