Sunday, September 27, 2009

a very full day of adventuring

yesterday, the mister & i traipsed about all over los angeles with a good chunk of the family a-go-go. our destination was to see if we could find a good view of the Red Bull Soap Box Races but along the way we made sure to hit all our favorite spots.

first stop...a ride or two (or three) in the elevators at The Bonaventure Hotel. the boy a-go-go has discovered skyscrapers and downtown is the perfect place to wander into one. i only made two rides...those elevators move FAST...aack!next stop, Grand Central Market for lunch...good stuff!after lunch we wandered across the street into the Bradbury Building which only made me miss Pushing Daisies even more. sigh.back on the sidewalk, we trekked ourselves silly across the city to get to the races. it seemed that everyone else was doing the same thing. talk about CROWDED! the energy was pretty nifty and i loved seeing all the people spilling up and up and up to get a better view. there were people on top of walls and fences. people perched on newspaper stands and fire hydrants and even a few people in trees. needless to say the people watching was superb!the race kicked off with a skydiver and hundreds of people looked to the sky to see his flippity flips.from then on is was WHAM! BANG! BOOM!....with car after car after car taking to the track. the suspense was great! would they make the turn? would the car survive the jump? would the crash be fantastic? thankfully, the race provided many big screens to view the shenanigans. there was really no way to get a good view of the track. if we had parked ourselves along the route when we arrived earlier instead of adventuring we woudl have had perfect seats, alas we chose to meander which in the end was probably a good thing. we only stayed for six cars...getting out of the race area took us a while (and only one episode of almost fisticuffs).we took a walk along the cars as they lined up for their turn. wouldn't it be fun to enter sometime? slowly, we made our way to Disney Hall where the boy-a-go-go got to look at even more architecture and we walked up too many steps and then back down to the subway where our chariot awaited to carry us home.after many cups of cold cold water and a quick rest for our weary toes, we hopped into the car and ventured out for fresh ice cream and paletas. our flavors ranged from chocolate oreo to pineapple to smoked milk. must go back for more!back in the car to pick up sandwiches and off we sped to The Observatory for a picnic dinner and some star that is what i call a good day!


  1. You had the PERFECT day.
    Your post makes me miss home.
    And I'm with you about missing Pushing Daisies.
    Happy Week Pretty Lady.
    Fritzi Marie

  2. Wow - what a perfect LA day!!

  3. You were at the Observatory last night? So was I!

  4. Anonymous1:44 PM

    Looks like a fantabulous day! Thanks for sharing!