Wednesday, September 30, 2009

autumn color week: brown

playing along with poppytalk's autumn colour week. check out the flickr pool here.

autumn color week: orange

i do believe that orange is my favorite color. it's always warm and always punchy. it goes well with so many other colors and never fails to make me smile. whether it is the spicy color of pumpkin or the citrus pop of a tangerine, i love orange!

playing along with poppytalk's autumn colour week. check out the flickr pool here.

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

autumn color week: green

green has always been a color close to my heart. i suppose really, i cannot choose one favorite. green, all shades, all hues is just soooo soothing.

play along with poppytalk's autumn color week and check out the flickr pool here.

Monday, September 28, 2009

autumn color week: yellow

it's autumn color week over at poppytalk. today's color is yellow. there is something so hopeful about yellow. it shines no matter what season we're in. in the fall, i look forward to the hearty mustards and curries that spice up even the drearier days in the tiny casa. it's been hot lately but the mornings seem to whisper what's to come...i am happy it is finally fall!

the week in review: sep 21-27

click here for more info...happy almost October!

Sunday, September 27, 2009

a very full day of adventuring

yesterday, the mister & i traipsed about all over los angeles with a good chunk of the family a-go-go. our destination was to see if we could find a good view of the Red Bull Soap Box Races but along the way we made sure to hit all our favorite spots.

first stop...a ride or two (or three) in the elevators at The Bonaventure Hotel. the boy a-go-go has discovered skyscrapers and downtown is the perfect place to wander into one. i only made two rides...those elevators move FAST...aack!next stop, Grand Central Market for lunch...good stuff!after lunch we wandered across the street into the Bradbury Building which only made me miss Pushing Daisies even more. sigh.back on the sidewalk, we trekked ourselves silly across the city to get to the races. it seemed that everyone else was doing the same thing. talk about CROWDED! the energy was pretty nifty and i loved seeing all the people spilling up and up and up to get a better view. there were people on top of walls and fences. people perched on newspaper stands and fire hydrants and even a few people in trees. needless to say the people watching was superb!the race kicked off with a skydiver and hundreds of people looked to the sky to see his flippity flips.from then on is was WHAM! BANG! BOOM!....with car after car after car taking to the track. the suspense was great! would they make the turn? would the car survive the jump? would the crash be fantastic? thankfully, the race provided many big screens to view the shenanigans. there was really no way to get a good view of the track. if we had parked ourselves along the route when we arrived earlier instead of adventuring we woudl have had perfect seats, alas we chose to meander which in the end was probably a good thing. we only stayed for six cars...getting out of the race area took us a while (and only one episode of almost fisticuffs).we took a walk along the cars as they lined up for their turn. wouldn't it be fun to enter sometime? slowly, we made our way to Disney Hall where the boy-a-go-go got to look at even more architecture and we walked up too many steps and then back down to the subway where our chariot awaited to carry us home.after many cups of cold cold water and a quick rest for our weary toes, we hopped into the car and ventured out for fresh ice cream and paletas. our flavors ranged from chocolate oreo to pineapple to smoked milk. must go back for more!back in the car to pick up sandwiches and off we sped to The Observatory for a picnic dinner and some star that is what i call a good day!

Thursday, September 24, 2009

mad monkey skills

psst...just thought i would let ya know that i will be teaching a sock monkey class to kidlets 8 and up over at Home Ec. in is limited to six kids!

What: Sock Monkey Class
When: Saturday, October 17 9am-noon
Where: Home Ec. 3815 W. Sunset Blvd, L.A. Ca 90029

Tuesday, September 22, 2009

wrapping my head around it all

aka darn my brain!
what i boughti have an attachment to things. be they pretty, colorful, quirky, old, or odd. i can't seem to let go of so many objects because they hold something in them, some memory or some idea or some insight to someone i have loved.

attempting to purge this tiny casa will be a wonderful relief but at th same time i am having the hardest time wrapping my head around the possibilities of things tossed. that said, i don't want to be tossing anything. at least tossing as in putting it into the ugly black plastic bins that get picked up by the growly turquoise garbage trucks only to be hauled off to someplace no too far and dumped into a giant hole only to then be covered with more crap. this, appalls me. and i sit on this thought and i think it and it sinks in and i feel a little ill and i look around the tiny casa and wonder what to do. at some point that gnawing little knot fades enough for me to forget and my day continues on in any number of normal ways.

until, it hits me again like a stealth attack from the witch-baby when she scratches out and lunges for no reason that we can think of. she may be pretty but she packs a mean scratch. and okay, here is where i get all tangly wordy and circular and gobbled and such. it's just me trying to wrap my head around it and it is just me acknowledging how conditioned i am to buy more, to become a magpie when pretty things bat their wispy lashes at me. and how much i struggle with it because i like pretty things but to what end?

saturday morning i ran off to the enormous mall to return an impulse buy before the crowds got there. i'm not a mall shopper anymore save for my target and the jc penneys which are a almost neighbors in the brick behemoth. i park the car near the target and run to the penneys to return the two tops that reminded me of thinner days. from there, i walk the short walk through the mall to the target to get some toothpaste. as i walk the short distance i spy the hallmark shop has its holiday stuff up and wander in for a look and as i'm looking at this tiny store that is crammed to the gills heart sinks and that gnawing triffid of a thought starts bouncing around my belly. there are clever looking things, nicely packaged things, things that compel my hand to reach out and touch and things that make me think "i can make that". there are things upon things upon things and it hits me. they are temporary. they are things people will spend their hard earned money on, enjoy for a mere moment and then discard...i may see many multiples crowding the aisles at the thrift or i may see them broken up and left to die in the middle of the street or i may never see them at all because they will be dumped into a land fill that crappy, shoddy houses will built on.

i continue on my walk and i'm thinking how i am in a mall. a single mall full of stores full of temporary things full of people buying these things that will soon be discarded. i feel like a light begins to flash above my head mocking me...for all my want of simplicity and sustainability, i am a consumer in the most regular icky kind of way. and this happens to me all the time. not this realization of temporary products but of this cape of consumerism that i like to stylishly think i can alter. we are all consumers, i get that. that is how our world works but we are consumers without purpose or without intent (at least i am) and i need to change this. i know i do but do you see the shoes they have here or the mugs they sell here or this or that? aack! make it stop!

i have a tendency to think about how commercials don't make me want to run out and buy products (well except for the titan peeler...i jest...sort of) but the packaging (which is why the orla kiely stuff from target was such a success). the other thing is for me, if it is out of sight it is out out of mind. if i don't see it, i don't need it. which only works if you remove yourself from pretty products. what i need to do, what i want to do is to make more of those purposeful choices i rambled on about here. i think i need to work towards my goal of the handmade pledge. i do a lot of handmade items, i shop at a loft of thrifts but i don't do it exclusively therefore i cannot take the pledge. i make every effort i can muster at this point in my life to shop etsy and other crafty folk but still there are Threadless shirts to be worn or rubber chickens to be sent to the nephew in college. little steps, baby steps. that's my mantra and i'm sticking to it.

Monday, September 21, 2009

the week in review: sept 14-20

busy, busy. working on the purge, reading, stitching, thinking, never ends...happy almost fall!

Friday, September 18, 2009

dillydilly: the photo book!

with the holidays coming up you just may be ready to start yer shopping. may i suggest my first photobook through lulu? twenty pages of happy-pretty scrumdillyumptious pics by little ol' me. check it out here

**order it before Sunday and you can get 15% code is AHOY...shhhh...:)

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

whine whine whine aka vote for me?

i entered another contest over on greenwala. won't you vote for me? only of course if you like it...okay, back to this purge...someday it will be finished and then what will i do?

Monday, September 14, 2009

the week in review: september 7-13

last week was still hot and fan worthy and still a bit too smoky for any outdoor activity so i remained inside attempting to get back to the great purge. to distract myself, i made up the september bed and peeked into boxes that hadn't been peeked into in a long, long, while. the mister & i did get to visit with friends and the fall garden has been planted, all in all, a pretty productive week. click here for more detail...

happy september!

Sunday, September 13, 2009

thanking outloud

thank you all for taking the time to think and write out a comment on my previous post on choices. so many of you wrote and commented about my blathering on in the grocery store that i wanted to respond to you and i haven't figured out an easy way to do so here on blogger so you get this post instead...(p.s. there are thank you's out there for my fellow hoarders as well, keep reading!)

i have to say that it feels tremendous to know i am not alone in my kookiness. i like that i am in good company to my rambling thoughts and mumbling to myself tendencies. phew!

*hugs to you nessie, i hope your weekend and future weekends are always magical. let's keep with the tiny to make BIG change! the shop is going to be ccrap that no one needs but when yo usee it, you will NEED it!

*goosie-here's to small change and thinking and sharing and like-minded peeps. hugs to you!

*ah cathy! i speak of a rant i have in my head all the time but since i am not a parent i fear i cannot say it outloud. it irks me and throws me into a downward spiral when people point out that fact to me. yer right, i am not a parent but i am a mother at heart and a smart cookie to boot. keep up your rants for me! blogger power!

*susan-thank you. now that i have put the words out there. i chastise myself with each touch of a product. no matter what it is. it doesn't keep me from poor choices but it keeps me from thinking about them more. as for the purge, that is exactly what i am doing. i think the biggest issue is that most of these things belonged to my mother and with her gone, i miss her too much. each object has meaning to me. i know she is in my heart but sometimes a jar full of dollie heads is better...;)

*vone-stacey and i often talk about the bubbles we live in. some bubbles are all for making biggee bubbles. i just hope those can attach to the tiny ones. we need bigger bubbles. we need more shouting out of the domino effect, the butterfly effect and the zipper effect. thank you!

*oh amber! love what you wrote and posted! sometimes i am fierce in this thinking and other times i think "i'll be gone soon so what is the point?" gotta keep looking at the big picture I want to see, not the one everyone else is trying to make me see. and while i would have loved to jam that cigarette into his nostril, i know that he still would not change. sigh. doesn't mean i didn't want to. :) and yes, i need to clean and purge so badly otherwise it will be a repeat of cleaning out my mom's and grandma's...and i don;t have any kids to do it for me!

*dkzody-excess is evil. i'm still in the throes. i did find a website listing dairies that use glass bottles. it's just rewrapping my head around the cost. as i type this, the mister is planting the fall garden so with luck we won't need a csa but when the sister a-go-go had one, we rocked some awesome new tastes! isn't is amazing that they are out there? we're already in a small apartment so downsizing to make it less is my goal. i think that if i can knock it down to having ap lace for everything and to only keep what has a place, i can do it. even if it does mean getting rid of my venus de milo salt & pepper shakers. sigh. you can do it!

*yvonne-hugs and squeezes to you! i always love your words. these are so similar to what i hear from myself everyday. we just gotta try, right?

*Ainslie-that's me, addled yet lucd or at least i try to be...lucid that is. the addleness sometimes takes over. thank you for your words,we can only keep on keeping on. right?

*rozetta-i know! why does that happen? i hoard and hoard and hoard and then i get rid of it and sure enough, a week or so later i have just the thing that NEEDS it! aack!

*IamSusie-thank you...i think i am afraid of making room for more! heehee!

*sachitea-zameander has been an amazing source of support and creativity in helping me purge. yes, having someone help is a great gift. a GREAT GIFT! yes, like a sliding puzzle only right now i only have a few numbers lined up. i think if i can just get one more, things will click into place! good luck on your purge..vent away here if you need to!

*Silencer-yes, a second hand is the best thing possible. yay for getting your closet done! make sure that you don;t enable another hoarder when it comes time to clean out yer craft space. they'll take everything and then you'll be helping her clean and you'll bring everything back! aack! :)

*jasmine-it's like we're pinballs destined to bounce along in a machine with no let up. aack! sending you good thoughts to get through it all!

*libby-we are the best at multi-tasking, right? how is the quilt coming along? i wanna see it! sending you good cleaning can do it and then we can have Portos!

*Stephanie-i never did make the muffins, i was good and made dinner instead. but yes, the kitchen counter needs to be clean as well as the bed made and i feel like i didn't lose the battle alltogether. phew! thank you!

*cindy-pull up a chair and i'll serve you up something cool to drink and we can cheer each other on in the purge. yer are right, it ain't easy at all! do you need someone to bug ya? i will....;)

Tuesday, September 08, 2009

drag and drop

i think i need a clean up filter for my brain. you know how when you need to clean up your computer desk top, you simply drag and drop all sorts of digital clutter to the trash? i so need this for my brain. this great purge of the casa would be a whole lot easier if i could just point and click at things. where is mary poppins when you need her?

i know i have told y'all that i am a hoarder. i am quite sure it has been shouted from rooftops. i can't help it, it's in my genes. this compulsion to hoard and hold onto things is in direct opposition of my wanting to live a bit more simply. on the one hand, it is great for the environment because i don't throw anything away but on the other hand the real estate in the tiny casa is the size of a postage stamp, customized of course, like from zappos.bags and bags and bags of things have been donated to various thrift shops. niftier things have been passed along to friends. even niftier things are waiting patiently for me to photograph and add to a brand spanking new shop. there is fabric everywhere. in boxes, in bags, in totes stuffed into corners, placed atop tall things, tipping ever so precariously towards the top of mr. a-go-go's head. this tiny real estate is getting a wee bit dangerous!there are odd objects crammed into nooks and all over the floor. there are pez dispensers, vintage pipe cleaners, paper scraps i cannot throw away because they may come in handy for a craft project. there are simply no surfaces left to tuck things away but the good news is that all this stuff, this junk, this crap isn't all over simply because i am some sort of junk fiend, it is all over because i am sifting through it. i am finally getting into the thick of the purge.

why is it always worse before it gets better?

i am stuck in a catch 22. a major catch. a catch like no other yet just like everything else in my life. i can't do this until this is done but i can't do that until that happens. ya know what i mean? i think my problem is that i want to be able to do it right on the first try but when have i ever done it right in that way? when have i ever done it right the second or third times? when have i ever done it right ever? it's that icky feeling of stuck that is creeping up on me but getting stuck when i am so close to finishing is kinda silly. but tell that to my brain. see? drag and drop!so here is what i am asking. hang in there with me and let me know i can do this. let me know i am not the only one who makes things more twisty confusing than they really are. let me know that my brain is okay and in good company. let me know that getting a load of laundry done and baking muffins instead of cleaning is totally normal. it is, isn't it?so i will attempt to go through one box or bag at a time. i will make sure that everything (well, mostly everything) will have its place and that duplicates will be passed along. i will ignore these funny diagrams i have been writing because rather than attack i want to have a game plan but how can you have a game plan when you don't even know what the heck is in all those containers? yes, i will attempt to go through at least five containers. i will. you can ask me tomorrow, nag me even and i will throw things away and recycle what i can and at some point when the clutter threatens to suck my soul away i will bake some muffins. does that sound like a good plan? i think so.

Friday, September 04, 2009

gardens a-go-go

a few weeks ago i was invited to a lovely flickr luncheon. i really wanted to bring something along that i loved, loved making and came from the heart. since i am currently (not exactly) working on the great casa purge i thought it would be best and most creative to use what i had. for the most part i did. i ended up picking up some wee doilies from the fabric store because my vintage doilies are tucked away in one of the many, many boxes that are crowding the tiny casa.

i know it is not news to anyone that i am part crafty girl, part hippie, part dreamer and part pack rat. even when i purge i find i need, need, NEED that old camera or clown vase or cigar box. i do, i really do. and as it happens, mr. a-go-go was furiously working on purging his father's garage of all its goodies, stuff, crap and junk that i couldn't NOT pounce on the two dozen or so small glass vials with plastic lids now could i? when the mister hollered "what do you need all that for?" i reminded him that i would find a use or give 'em away and besides "you knew the job was dangerous when you took it!" with a roll of his eyes and a flapping of his arms he scurried away. probably to hide any other jek happy trinkets (aka junk) i might want to drag home.

so here i had a box full of glass bottles. such happy glass bottles. and i had no clue as to what i was going to do. i passed along a few here and there and still there were bottles aplenty, bottles galore. as the luncheon date drew nearer i decided i wanted to give the gift of the garden a-go-go and i thought i would use gift tins for the seeds and then as it happens, i was reminded of my glass bottles as i stubbed my foot on the box as it lay prone on the kitchen floor, tucked sort of into a corner near the cat's dish, the fizz water and another box of the same size only filled to the brim with dusty glass test tubes (i know!).

so here is what i did. thank goodness for seeds, glass bottles, vintage costume jewelry & E6000!