Monday, August 31, 2009

the week in review: aug 24-30

it's been a hot hot week. it's now wildfire season here in california and there has been a giant fire mightily burning up our angeles national forest. the family a-go-go home may or may not be still standing. thankfully and luckily, the mama and sister a-go-go have been long out of the house and the mr.a-go-go has almost finished cleaning it out. as it stands there are still two pieces of his artwork in the house. it would be a shame to lose them but we're grateful that everyone is out and safe. it hasn't burned there in more than thirty years and is long overdue. i remember the last fire. i didn't know mr. a-go-go then but we sort of grew up in the same neighborhood and that last fire was a doozy, hard to forget. so with the heat and the smoke it had been a quiet week until i received word that my gal lalu was in town so we had to hit up target, in & out & daglas. they don't have these nifty places on maui where she lives. then after all that shopping, (with a pit stop to hollywood blvd for her guy who has never been) we met up with a big chunk of her family to ride the coasters at magic mountain. not the best thing to do with the fires all around us but we seemed to be protected where we were and i didn't feel too ragged after it all. fun times!

yesterday was even hotter, so we a-go-gos hit up our favorite banh mi shop, grabbed 2 sandwiches and hit the sweetly air conditioned yet somewhat bedraggled movie theater for a viewing of ponyo which was great until the end and then it just got kinda cheesy, perfect for kidlets though. after the flick, we hit fosselmans for ice cream (me: chocolate dipped strawberry, he: horchata) and then dragged our hot sticky selves back home to an even hotter icky casa where we fell onto the couch in front of the fan and watched too many netflix dvds back to back.

**also during the week, the witch-baby got her claw stuck in such a way in the door jam that it looked like her leg was broken. she was howling away and i was freaking out. neither mr. a-go-go or i could figure out how to get her unstuck. it looked like we were going to have to call an emergency vet to sedate her to get her loose. after much freaking out, crazy wailing and a bit too much biting, the witch-baby suddenly popped free with not a limp in sight. phew! that was scary!

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  1. Oooohhhh, I am so jealous. I don't think Aafes plans on showing Ponyo, but they might suprise me. As it stands looks like will have to wait for video as I am not sure watching in German would be any better - unless the entire thing was about food, shopping or the weather :)
    On a more serious note, hope the fires pass y'all by.