Friday, August 14, 2009

ain't no tears on me

it is safe to say that i enjoy chopping up things. fruits, vegetables, magazines...but when it comes to onions, i am not a fan. it is as if those pungent onion fumes like to take up residence in the space between my eyeballs and the lenses of my glasses. you would think that since i have no sense of smell, i could chop an onion free of tears but i swear the glasses wearing traps it all in. here's a photo tutorial for how i chop up an onion. mind you, this may be old news to you or it may have been in a famous mag or something, i wouldn't know. i came up with this about ten years ago when i got fed up with the boo-hoo-i-ness of onion chopping. here ya go: remove one end of your onion victim and make shallow vertical cuts from one end to the other.rotate your onion to the right (or left, either way just make those lines face a different direction than your knife.) and make a second batch of cuts across the surface so that your onion looks a bit like a checkerboard.hold onion in your non-cutting hand so that the flat end faces your prefered side and slice downwards.viola! happy little onion pieces for your soups and salads and no tears or mascara trails on your sweet little face!

i only cut as much onion as i am going to use. the rest is stored in the fridge in a container that has a lid. (i have lots of containers though finding a matching lid is somewhat of an adventure.) if you want larger onion bits, make fewer slices.

**recipe for the corna, basil & onion salad can be found here.


  1. Anonymous3:57 PM

    Thats the way my mom used to do it too! There are no shoe repair shops near me, arghh

  2. hi! long time reader delurking! lol anyway if i'm chopping an onion i chop the whole thing and freeze the remainder in a container; it's a bit soggy when defrosted but works well when cooked. i've also heard that people freeze their onion before they chop it. the older the onion the less tear inducing chemicals

  3. Sounds good..will try next time..I adore the lovely color of that purple pretty! Thanks for sharing today! Happy weekend to you!

  4. nessa4:02 PM

    My glasses do the *same* thing! And I never take them off until it's too late, and by then the onion-smell knows where my eyes are and just keeps on drifting up...!