Monday, August 31, 2009

the week in review: aug 24-30

it's been a hot hot week. it's now wildfire season here in california and there has been a giant fire mightily burning up our angeles national forest. the family a-go-go home may or may not be still standing. thankfully and luckily, the mama and sister a-go-go have been long out of the house and the mr.a-go-go has almost finished cleaning it out. as it stands there are still two pieces of his artwork in the house. it would be a shame to lose them but we're grateful that everyone is out and safe. it hasn't burned there in more than thirty years and is long overdue. i remember the last fire. i didn't know mr. a-go-go then but we sort of grew up in the same neighborhood and that last fire was a doozy, hard to forget. so with the heat and the smoke it had been a quiet week until i received word that my gal lalu was in town so we had to hit up target, in & out & daglas. they don't have these nifty places on maui where she lives. then after all that shopping, (with a pit stop to hollywood blvd for her guy who has never been) we met up with a big chunk of her family to ride the coasters at magic mountain. not the best thing to do with the fires all around us but we seemed to be protected where we were and i didn't feel too ragged after it all. fun times!

yesterday was even hotter, so we a-go-gos hit up our favorite banh mi shop, grabbed 2 sandwiches and hit the sweetly air conditioned yet somewhat bedraggled movie theater for a viewing of ponyo which was great until the end and then it just got kinda cheesy, perfect for kidlets though. after the flick, we hit fosselmans for ice cream (me: chocolate dipped strawberry, he: horchata) and then dragged our hot sticky selves back home to an even hotter icky casa where we fell onto the couch in front of the fan and watched too many netflix dvds back to back.

**also during the week, the witch-baby got her claw stuck in such a way in the door jam that it looked like her leg was broken. she was howling away and i was freaking out. neither mr. a-go-go or i could figure out how to get her unstuck. it looked like we were going to have to call an emergency vet to sedate her to get her loose. after much freaking out, crazy wailing and a bit too much biting, the witch-baby suddenly popped free with not a limp in sight. phew! that was scary!

Thursday, August 27, 2009

joy on a thursday morning

i was on the phone this morning with a good friend who was giving me an update on her mother. my friend is now sort of going through what i went through with grandma but with her mother. it seems her mama is just as cantankerous as my granny was. so really, it isn't surprising that when, during her interview for her care, when asked what things brought her joy, she pulled a witch-baby and snarled that she couldn't possibly answer that question. in retelling it to her daughters is was impressed that there simply was nothing that brought her joy and in that, her daughters and my good friend thought to themselves..."well how sad". on the phone we agreed that it was sad and depressing and then we ran through a list of very simple things that brought us joy. i have to tell you that we thought of many. here are a few:

*reading pictures books out loud for an impromptu storytime
*words that remind us of funny, funny times (awhaluva)
*waking up in time to see the pink sunrise
*greasy greasy dagla's fries
*finally finding a gas station while on a road trip
*drinking soda from bottles and straws
*finishing a really good book

just thinking of things that bring joy to my heart brings a smile to my face and a joyful dance to my thinking. i woke up at 7:30 and already have a small list of joyful things. even through this awful awful head/jaw ache that kept me tossing and turning all night, i can still find joy is simple homespun things. so here i will share, a few things from this morning that made me smile, made me stop and forced a little more joy in my heart...

the orangish light filtering into the bedroom
paper lanterns blowing in the breeze
dishtowels pinned to the kitchen window
glass bottles on the kitchen shelf
not pictured is the doris day song that came up on itunes that never fails to bring a smile to my face, the chiming bells that hang outside the window that only rarely get spun enough so they ring, the peep, peep, peeping of the wee birdies outside, the fierce hum of a bumblebee at it nestles in the hollyhocks just outside my window and finally, the fact that even though i am all full up of prescriptions and i would rather not take anything, the sniffer is working so that i can smell my morning iced coffee, the dish soap in the sink and that old timey oatie smell of my breakfast cereal. yes my friends, it is the simple everyday things that truly bring joy to my heart. have you had your joy this morning?

Monday, August 24, 2009

the week in review: aug 17-23

phew! what a week. a whirlwind of errands and to-dos and daily goings-on. there was an art-adventure, muffin baking, ice cream eating, family visiting, beach picnicking, uke playing, thrifting, patchworking and jumping. i'm still tired thinking about it all. this week is will be spent attempting to get the casa back in a sort of order so that i can get the furniture all switched around and those boxes unpacked. i have oodles of commitments that i am super behind on and the mister just may leave if another pile of fabric falls on his head. let's hope this is a week of doing and not planning...i'll keep my fingers crossed just in case.

Friday, August 21, 2009

finished or not, let the weekend begin

only got to make one kind of sandwich and the corn salad never got made and the blanket still needs oodles of ties but here ya go...

and we're off. happy weekending folks!

the list is shrinking...

i wouldn't be the blogging geek that i am if i didn't post an update from this morning's to-do list. so here you go, with pictures....

so far i have:

*made the quinoa salad

*baked the muffins

*cooked the chicken for the sandwiches

*washed the dishes


*charged the ipod & camera batteries



*cut the batting for the picnic quilt

and now it is time to eat something, baste the 2 pieces of batting together, figure out how to get them sandwiched, make the sandwiches for tomorrow and watch my netflix...

today's to-do

we're heading out to visit with family up the coast this weekend and there is a picnic planned for tomorrow. since i am a lover of picnics and picnic pretty and we never really muster up the picnic mojo, i am going all out! mr. a-go-go will be home around six and then we head out for a multi-houred drive, so the to-do list is a bit hectic today. today i will attempt and hopefully finish(as in do, not dream, plan or scheme):

*the picnic quilt
*bake a dozen chocolate chip muffins
*watch my netflix
*the quinoa salad
*the savory yummy delicious sandwich
*mint lemonade
*go to the library
*sweep floors

all mostly do-able. its the blanket/quilt that is going to trip me up. i'll start roasting the beets now and sauteing those greens and onions. oh and the chicken needs to be cooked. okay, there seems to be a bunch of hidden steps in that do-able list. gotta go! i leave you with an early morning shot of the official august bed which is nowhere as nifty as last year's. happy weekend!

Thursday, August 20, 2009

i'm nothing if not a dreamer

i dream, i scheme, i plan. sometimes, if i am lucky, i do. a new farmers market has opened up just down the street from us. it is a literal five minute jaunt and suddenly i am surrounded by green, by citrus, by all things that grow. i do love a farmers market. the good food, the people, the man who sells white sage...the kettle corn. i only picked up a few green goodies. we're going on a picnic this weekend with family and i do adore a picnic. here is hoping i put to good use each any every bit of this lovliness.

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

bodie bodie bo bodie

on our way to reno via the 395 and mono lake we made a detour to the old timey ghost town of bodie. bodie celebrates its 150th anniversary this summer but just so ya know, it wasn't completely abandoned until the early 1940's. that said, it makes for a pretty neat trek out to the middle of nowhere and along a three mile stretch of unpaved road. the only sore spot i think was that we got there just before lunch time and that bright, bright sun was super hot and my pics are all a little too bright. i wish bodie opened earlier. can you imagine how cool it would be to photograph during the sunrise? make sure you bring lots of water when you visit, a hat would be a good thing as well and if you have your head on your shoulders you'll remember to bring your own favorite hat from home so that you won't end up in a stupid stupid antm baseball cap that you picked up in desperation at a wal-mart in palmdale. so here ya go, bodie through my eyes...a lot of old door knobs, spooky interiors shot through windows, people peeking in through windows and that pretty, pretty, so blue sky!

Monday, August 17, 2009

the week in review: aug 10-16

a whole lot of homebody time. puttering about taking care of things that need taking care of. too much time on hold. i hate the phone! a knotted, twisty kind of ick that finally got kicked in the arse and a weekend with the mister running errands and being home. we're back in the swing of things. click here for more info on the week.

Friday, August 14, 2009

ain't no tears on me

it is safe to say that i enjoy chopping up things. fruits, vegetables, magazines...but when it comes to onions, i am not a fan. it is as if those pungent onion fumes like to take up residence in the space between my eyeballs and the lenses of my glasses. you would think that since i have no sense of smell, i could chop an onion free of tears but i swear the glasses wearing traps it all in. here's a photo tutorial for how i chop up an onion. mind you, this may be old news to you or it may have been in a famous mag or something, i wouldn't know. i came up with this about ten years ago when i got fed up with the boo-hoo-i-ness of onion chopping. here ya go: remove one end of your onion victim and make shallow vertical cuts from one end to the other.rotate your onion to the right (or left, either way just make those lines face a different direction than your knife.) and make a second batch of cuts across the surface so that your onion looks a bit like a checkerboard.hold onion in your non-cutting hand so that the flat end faces your prefered side and slice downwards.viola! happy little onion pieces for your soups and salads and no tears or mascara trails on your sweet little face!

i only cut as much onion as i am going to use. the rest is stored in the fridge in a container that has a lid. (i have lots of containers though finding a matching lid is somewhat of an adventure.) if you want larger onion bits, make fewer slices.

**recipe for the corna, basil & onion salad can be found here.

Thursday, August 13, 2009

snit faced

i'm having a bad day. an alexander & the terrible, horrible, no good, very bad day kinda day. a mean soup kind of day. a day where there is a snarled ball of ick ricocheting around my chest and the only thing i can do is growl and hiss and stomp. i'm not proud of it but there you go. just call me oscar.

but then i see people i lurve and i feel giggle-faced and chirpy. we eat sweets and chat and unload and chat some more. where small warm people snuggle up to me and smile and stare and glom all that wee love. wee love is a surefire solution to ick and snit and snurfle-y scowls. it sings about my head and flutters around my heart and for a moment the day just ain't so bad.

and of course it ends when i get back into the car to drive home. braking and dashing and swerving from the clueless frazzled drivers that make up a good portion of los angelinos on the road and the snit comes roaring back. i yell at myself to let it go. i attempt to charm myself into good cosmic thinking and then someone swerves into my lane chasing it all away again. so i hum and lalalalala to myself and attempt to self soothe and urge my thinking to good and happy thoughts until i see a parade of tiny, skinny women jogging along with their tots leading the line. great. along with the snit my filters are throwing mockery into the pot. once mockery is in, the stew brews up a giant bowl of self-pity and i'm a goner for the day. might as well accept it. the problem with that though is that my filters go all kablooey and instead of filtering the bad stuff out they work overtime to cram it all in, in UPPERCASE even. doom doom doom. blah blah blah.

i arrive home, to a package on the doorstep and inside i find a trio of soothing sounding teas and a letter from my aunt. a little bit of something to cross the snit of my face. tea may not keep me from wanting to move to australia, but it sure does soothe when you take the time to brew a pot. if that doesn't help, maybe serving it up in a giraffe-happy mug will.

sigh. there's always tomorrow. right?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

it is best to choose

the moments you live by as allowing a bad moment to define your day is really stupid and feels quite icky. today i am anti scrumdilly. i'm just not feeling it and would rather throw myself on the floor and kick and scream myself to oblivion only to be soothed by a cookie. yeah, it's one of those days. what makes it even better is that today marks seven years since mr.a-go-go and i met. sigh. we decided to celebrate yesterday with a rootbeer float and a viewing of the perseids but somehow that didn't quite work-out. hence my stupidity in allowing the ick to define the day. here's hoping tomorrow will be better. or friday. how about a pretty picture to soothe the soul?

Monday, August 10, 2009

two more weeks in review

vacation editions:click here and here for more info on my adventures.

when on vacation...

we a-go-gos make sure to JUMP!

at mono lakein a ghost townin renowith flickr friendsnear thermal vaporsand in lassen