Friday, July 17, 2009

last night i dreamt of...

stumble*sock shoppin'
*swarming bees
*hanging out with the gilmore girls
*being late to my junior high
*forgetting where i parked the car
*my mother
*bike riders invading los angeles (yay!)
*filming fireworks on franklin blvd which then turned into victory blvd.
*cartoon transformers in real life
*stealth helicopters
*smacking the forehead of a woman i was mad at who then smacked me right back and all was well...

and finally...

*a series of woodland critters coming into the tiny casa through the bathroom cabinet.

it's no wonder i woke up exhausted but that may be due to the rude awakening of a mad, frenzied, ravetastic catfight outside the bedroom window which led me to make sure the witch-baby was not involved which caused me to look out the kitchen window and see, bright and beautiful venus like i have never seen it before which had me standing there semi-nekkid in my kitchen stargazing at 4am. i keep forgetting to look up into the sky at night. all this light pollution has taken so much away and yet i love the stars. i love the moon. i love the act of gazing upon them and i forget to. i grow lazy with the night and get caught up in books, reading and the mister. seeing venus and being startled by it reminds me to look up more, to look outward and to cradle that marvelous view. if you do anything tonight, make sure it is to look up and greet that black blanket of sky.


  1. Your subconscious is a veeery interesting place! I'm especially envious that you hung out with Lorelai & Rory- Next time, invite me! We can carpool to Stars Hollow. Glad you also got in some star-gazing! It's nice to take the time to appreciate the beauty of such things and realize how we're a part of something so much bigger than us!

  2. Anonymous9:24 AM

    Thank goodness for those cats! Will make sure to look up tonight. :)

  3. And I thought I had crazy dreams! Of course, mine always include Clive Owen kissing me.
    I love early morings and looking up at the stars and planets. The one thing I truly miss from divorcing my ex is the loss of the telescope.

  4. geesh...i wish i had your dreams. it seems the only things i remember dreaming about are zombies attacking and that is definitely not cool. :(

    and then i had a dream last week with the food network guy, alton brown, in it...i have no idea why! he was just cooking up a bunch of stuff. what this means? i have no idea...

  5. loved this post, jekkie-poo... just gorgeous...
    (and why don't i have clive owen dreams EVER?)

  6. A lovely post. :)

    One of the best parts of getting home from work at around midnight (when I do) is looking straight up at the sky before I go inside. For just a moment I feel like I am far away from the rest of the world.

  7. boo for bad dreams....but yay for starry skies! cheetah...i got my badge and i LOVE it!!!!! thank you!