Wednesday, July 29, 2009

crazy for camping

it's all natural
pretty pretty tent bed
we're heading out for nine days on the road. all but two of those days will be just the two of us in then car looking for places to pitch our tent. we may or may not find places to bathe. eegads but i hope we find some water to jump into. are we crazy to be hitting the road in august? i mean, i know we're crazy in other ways but camping in the summer? in the heat? us two pale, pale a-go-gos? i am certain we will have a blast, we usually do. we're making a pit stop in Reno to visit my aunt and uncle and if we're lucky and we can coordinate it well i might even get to meet this nifty person and this one.

we leave friday and are still in planning mode as to what we're bringing to eat. we can't bring too many items that need cooling cuz how are we going to manage keeping them cool for so long? so i hit the market yesterday for all sorts of precooked, prepackaged stuff which actually makes my toes curl with all that packaging but we'll have apples and nuts and cheese and i'm baking some gingerbread and muffins so i hope we'll be okay. there's a lot of food out there that would make for excellent camping excursions if only they didn't have a zillion and a half pounds of sodium. what's up with that? anything above 15% (except for 1 can o chili) and i left it on the shelf so i didn't come home with much save for a few rice packs, some quinoa, sardines and taters. we're gonna make some foil packs with taters and dried mushrooms, i'm already anticipating that sort of goodness. anyone have any hints for trips that last longer than the weekend? after i log off here i will be experimenting with powdered milk. exciting no? i wish i picked up more of the boxed milk quarts i found at big lots a few weeks ago. organic shelf happy boxed milk for $1.99. it was borden's brand and it was in a box and why oh why did i only pick up 4 quarts? we have one in the freezer which we will use in the ice chest but once it's open we need to drink it up. hello cereal, here we come.

hope y'all have a most happy august when i get back i get to continue on with the purge. perhaps this trip will unstick me. i hope so. lassen, bristlecone pines & reno, here we come!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

sixteen things

that made my mini vacation just dandy...there were many things but these are the top of the top...(row by row across)

*getting to see favorite people
*picnicking in the park
*smiley drooly happy babies
*blow up pools on scorchingly hot days
*otter pops (& the magic mojitos)
*iced coffee...anytime, anywhere
*shaved ice
*artsy kids and their wild imaginations
*water cabs instead of parking
*photobooth fun (even if it was digital)
*shadow play and good grilled cheese
*museum going and playing and picture taking
*lotus blossoms at balboa park
*chalking it up in public spaces
*the pedi-cab home (and the fits & giggles)
*my fearless leader who made it all happen and who, without fail handed me a mug of delicious coffee every morning, made scrumptious rootbeer floats at every opportunity and kept me in happy vacation mode non-stop. without her i would not know the delightful offerings of torchwood, made magic mojitos, or giggled until i couldn't breathe while kicking it in the back of a pedi-cab. i adore you so my face hurts with silly...mwah!

Monday, July 20, 2009

oh no, it's flea season!

hop on over to craftzine to learn how to make your own garden fresh flea repellent. while it's chemical free and people friendly too, it won't rid your pet from the get go. we use it on the witch-baby to keep things smooth after the dreaded toxic stuff. check it out!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

while i'm away

the witch baby will live and laze about without me squirting her with lavender water, all my return phone calls will be legitimately late, the computer will get a break and the mister will be able to wiggle his toes without me pestering him to dance with me, begging him to make me toast or all my crafty bits falling all over him.

i'll be in san diego for a week so no new posts till then...check out craft magazine online and look around for two crafty pet articles from little old me. happy july!

*first stop is of course a party and one should never attend a party without bearing gifts...

Friday, July 17, 2009

last night i dreamt of...

stumble*sock shoppin'
*swarming bees
*hanging out with the gilmore girls
*being late to my junior high
*forgetting where i parked the car
*my mother
*bike riders invading los angeles (yay!)
*filming fireworks on franklin blvd which then turned into victory blvd.
*cartoon transformers in real life
*stealth helicopters
*smacking the forehead of a woman i was mad at who then smacked me right back and all was well...

and finally...

*a series of woodland critters coming into the tiny casa through the bathroom cabinet.

it's no wonder i woke up exhausted but that may be due to the rude awakening of a mad, frenzied, ravetastic catfight outside the bedroom window which led me to make sure the witch-baby was not involved which caused me to look out the kitchen window and see, bright and beautiful venus like i have never seen it before which had me standing there semi-nekkid in my kitchen stargazing at 4am. i keep forgetting to look up into the sky at night. all this light pollution has taken so much away and yet i love the stars. i love the moon. i love the act of gazing upon them and i forget to. i grow lazy with the night and get caught up in books, reading and the mister. seeing venus and being startled by it reminds me to look up more, to look outward and to cradle that marvelous view. if you do anything tonight, make sure it is to look up and greet that black blanket of sky.

Thursday, July 16, 2009


i'm stuck. plumb stuck, simply stuck. stuck in my head and my body. stuck on the great purge, on where to start next, stuck on what to do now that i have graduated. i'm all twisty tangled in the muck that is my mind. i hear what people are telling me but i'm not listening. do you ever feel that way? i'm not complaining, i'm just pontificating on this stuck in the muck feeling. i feel amped up for new things and want to leapfrog over it all but i know that i need to take it one step at a time, one breath at a moment, one blink of an eye, one dream a day. all i can say is that if i am stuck and no matter how long i am stuck, at least the stuck can look pretty sometimes...i'll be heading down to san diego for a week, so no week in review next week and no more posts for awhile unless i can figure out out to pre-post some pretty for you all. until then, enjoy your weather, hot or cold, get outside and take a deep breath and smile.

Monday, July 13, 2009

the week in review: july 6-12

this week has simply been busy with cleaning and chores. not really too much pretty to photograph. this big cleaning purge thing i'm doing is driving me batty. our space may seem tiny but i have magical powers when it comes to cramming stuff into small spaces. i have thrown out so much, donated so much and given away so much and yet it seems the casa is even more full than it was when i began. it's mindboggling and i fear for my sanity. i'm at a breaking point but i won't go into it here, at least right now. afterall, this is the week in review, not the day jek finaly snaps and self implodes in her tiny casa amongst too many metal lunchboxes, pin-up girl books and vintage hankies review. phew! so, like i said, not really much to show for last week. i didn't take too many pics and the day i did the most pretty and fun was the day mr. a-go-go took the camera so here you go, a week of a happy bed, a few good eats and some battery recharging. what is not pictured is me hiding on the couch reading book after book, pretending there is no mess in the casa. some other not pictured hi-lights include:
*spittle bug squashing in the garden
*a pity party and what-do-i-do-with-my-life freak-out
*chatting with potential new neighbors
*phone call after phone call catch up
*my many works in progress for various crafty articles

and, finally...

*mr, a-go-go and i taking refuge from the heat inside a well air conditioned B&N, Ikea and Starbucks where we read books on punk rock, children's books and crafting mags, had hot dogs and lingonberry juice for lunch, and then shared a blended something too sweet while i dumped out the contents of my purse to discover all sorts of odd fun. it was hot yesterday and that's what we did...we hit the starbucks when we found out the photobooth was out of order and we had already ventured out into that icky heat and i had my receipt for a $2 drink. we're nothing if not frugal except you know, when i hit the thrifts for vintage linens or doilies or order keens online or get a bug for some new fabric or i even step into a target. aack!

this week will be more crafting, more cleaning denial and, a fun flickr BBQ if all goes well, a trip to San Diego to visit with good people. Anyone down there wanna meet up?

Wednesday, July 08, 2009

summer eats

usually i get all grouchy hot in the summer so i don't feel like cooking much. but this summer so far, has been cool and i have a tiny casa to clean and purge so i procrastinate by cooking. lost of super yummy veggie delights though there has been some chicken here and there. there's a new farmer's market just at the end of my block and across the street. it's on wednesdays and it runs from noon to 6pm. i'm going to venture forth and check it out soon. i don't need any produce right now so here is some pics of what we a-go-gos have been eating this on the pics for more info. happy july!
all that's left is to stir
monday night dinner
summer veggie dinnerplate
dinner: july 1st
veggie dinnerplate: black bean burgers

Monday, July 06, 2009

i am a style muse!

the super loverly ms. k over at pugly feet has a nifty series on style muses and yours truly is her most recent muse. take a look at her pretty pretty blog and gather some serious shoe envy while yer at it! happy july and thank you ms. k! click here to read the interview!

the week in review: june 29-july 5

let's see...clean. clean, clean, purge, errands, cooking, eating, sparklers, beachiness...that about sums it up. happy july everyone!

more week in review fun here, here and here...