Thursday, June 11, 2009

words & pictures: sweet

stick-a-licious 158/365
it's no secret that i have a sweet tooth, just ask my wait, scratch that. anyway, while i do indeed have a hankering for things sweet, i'm a little bit peculiar about it. it's a combination of things really. while i love a good cold coke, i cannot stand pepsi or sprite because i think they are too sweet. rootbeer is sweeter than those two drinks but rootbeer, i's spicy. whipped cream is lovely, but only a teeny bit sweetened. i love classic old school bubblegum but am not a fan of jelly beans unless it is buttered popcorn and my sniffer is working. oh wait, scratch that, black pepper. did you know that there is a black pepper jelly belly out there? it was developed as a flavor for the bertie bots and you can only get it in one of those boxes but then you run the risk of having to sort through sardine, booger and ear wax flavors. the dirt flavor isn't too bad either but don't quote me on that. i use honey in my tea but only a little bit but my coffee calls for oodles of the sweet stuff unless i am drinking it whilst eating something sweet and then i drink it with cream, no sugar.

my favorite candy bar in highschool was a kit kat but now i succumb to those miniature peanut butter eggs from reese's (evil, evil, things). but i am try, try, trying to get into dark chocolate. the flavor really does linger. i think i would like dark chocolate better if the sniffer worked. sigh. so, for now, it's all about baked goods. cookies, breads, cakes, cupcakes and pies though if there were a buffet spread out in front of me with anything i could imagine, i do believe it would be the apple pie that i would pile onto my plate. sure, cucpakes are all over my photo stream but that is because a cupcake is an itty bit more photogenic than a slice of pie. at least, it is a wee bit cuter, what with all the frosting and sprinkles and which i totally remove from my cupcake. i may have a sweet tooth but it a bit peculiar, hand me a cupcake and i'm likely to ooh and aah all over. i'll take pictures and clap but when it comes time to eat it, i scrape the frosting off.

and the pixy stix? i just like the wrapping...i'm peculiar like that.

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  1. See, I think the frosting on a cupcake is the best part! You eat the cake...I'll eat the frosting!

  2. Anonymous10:40 PM

    Interesting, I didn't know about black pepper jelly belly. Will look for it at the store tomorrow. :)