Monday, June 15, 2009

the week in review: june 8-14

most of the week was spent tearing apart the tiny casa. it's still all torn up and a big giant mess or at least as messy as this tiny place can get. we hit the road friday night to visit with the family-go-go and had a most delightful weekend. the only not so delightful bit was the drive home that took us more than five hours. normally it is a three hour trip but because of all those graduates at all those universities we passed, driving took a long, long time. so there ya have it, the week in review...

hi-lights include purging four boxes of goodies to the Goodwill, finding odd old things i didn't know i had, seeing an actual beaver swimming in a pond, partaking of some amazing burgers under a blue sky filled with big puffy clouds, and eating way too much ice cream in honor of mr. a-go-go's birthday. click here for more info on the pics. this week will be less of the same. mostly cleaning and purging and all that jazz. i'm going to the allergist for my first round of pinpricks and needles and cuts and allergins. wish me luck.

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